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Margaux Dietz opens up about the scandal in a new documentary

After the publication of a controversial YouTube video in November, the influencer Margaux Dietz was met with great criticism, she lost her collaborations, was reported to the police and reported to social services. In a new documentary on SVT, she talks about the incident and the time afterwards.

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In the YouTube video, Margaux finds a beaten and drunk man outside her apartment. The film was met with a massive storm of criticism when she chose to film the incident and then published it, she also received a lot of criticism for letting her son poke the man and also adding sound effects to the incident.

Apologized after the incident

A few days after the criticism, Margaux published an apology on Instagram where she wrote, among other things: “It was wrong to film the incident. It was wrong to post it on Youtube. It was wrong to involve my son. And it was wrong not to immediately call the police. There are no mitigating circumstances. Not that I first thought it was a person I knew or that there were other adults around. I failed in my responsibility and will now investigate myself so that it does not happen again.”

Companies broke off collaborations

After the incident, several companies chose to cancel their collaborations with the profile, including Stronger, Mionetto and Elexir Pharma. After her apology, Margaux has been silent on social media until now. In the new documentary on SVT, she opens up about the tough weeks that followed the incident, how she had to hire a lawyer when she was reported to the police and a meeting with social services due to reports of concern regarding her son Arnold. “That moment was probably the absolute worst during all these weeks, because the most important thing you have is your child.”

Margaux’s own explanation for the film is that she was initially convinced that it was a friend of hers who was sleeping outside the door. She also believes that the reason no one on her team hesitated about publishing it was because they were all colored by knowing the full story and knowing the man was fine. However, she admits in the documentary that the film should never have been published. “For me, it has become so transparent to show what my days are like. And this was a strange thing that happened in my life,” she says in the documentary.

The documentary “Can we forgive Margaux?” available on SVT Play.

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