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Margaux Dietz is selling her apartment – check out the photos here!

On Saturday morning, the influencer Margaux Dietz posted a YouTube video where she announces that she is selling her newly renovated apartment in Birkastan. The price: SEK 17,500,000.

– It will be both fun and hard, she says in the video.

Photo: Instagram @margauxdietz

Margaux Dietz is selling her 152 square meter apartment in Birkastan in Stockholm. The apartment is located on Tomtebogatan on the sixth floor, in a converted attic. It was in October 2020 that the influencer moved into the apartment with her son Arnold, but now she thinks the apartment is too big for them.

– I live here with Arnold on 152 square meters, every two weeks I live all by myself. The idea when I bought the apartment was perhaps not that I would live here myself, but I live in it myself.

Want to move to Östermalm

Another reason for the move, says Margaux, is that Arnold’s father Jacob Liebermann lives in Östermalm, and that is also where Arnold’s new school is located.

– I love this area, but I basically live in another district: Östermalm. So I know that I will change neighborhoods: A little smaller, in Östermalm and closer to Arnold’s new school, she says.

Bought the apartment for 16 million

Margaux Dietz bought the apartment in October 2020 for SEK 16,100,000. She has, among other things, repainted some of the apartment’s walls and built a built-in bar on the glazed balcony. Now the starting price for the penthouse is SEK 17,500,000.

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