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Margarita Portillo says that Leonardo García is orchestrating a campaign against her for money

Daisy Portillo He faced the delicate accusations made a few days ago by a man who he assures was the right hand of his son, Andrés Portillo, who was accused along with her of having embezzled the actor andres garcia withdrawing large amounts of money from their bank accounts.

In this regard, Margarita Portillo attended an interview for the “Ventaneando” program where she defended herself, assuring that they will initiate legal action against the man named José Fernando Nolasco after having accused her and her son of cashing checks from Andrés García’s accounts. .

“As much as clarifying not because this character is going to have to face a legal situation because everything he is saying is ridiculous, of course this is evident orchestrated by Leonardo García“He mentioned, denying at all times that he is stripping the actor of his fortune.

He reiterates that he does not know said man, but who is behind these accusations is Leonardo García, who a few days ago released a statement in which he blamed her for the actor’s health problems and having economic interests.

“Unfortunately Leonardo is one of those who throws the stone and hides his hand, but this guy who I saw for a few minutes only once in my life is saying it and he is talking and giving his opinion about everything without having any proof. He doesn’t know me,” he added.

He also stressed that Andrés García is very upset and aware of everything that is happening, so he could soon share his opinion on the matter.

Regarding the fact that he was supposedly “pilling” the actor with medication to be able to manipulate him, Margarita clarified that he was surely referring to a medication that he uses to reduce his anxiety symptoms that he has always taken.

“That’s a lie, Andrés takes an anxiolytic, he needs a prescription and Andrés is not for going to the doctor’s offices and I keep in touch with Dr. Cerecedo from ANDA and he did me the favor of authorizing the prescription. It is something prescribed for years ”, he specified.

And he ended by assuring that everything is “orchestrated by Leonardo”, who definitely “is not interested in his father’s health at all, it is unfortunate that they lie in this way for money.”

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