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Marcus Schenkenberg in “Efter fem” – tells about life on a deserted island and the relationship with Pamela Anderson

Marcus Schenkenberg, who broke through as a supermodel in the 90s, is current in the reality series “The Island.” When he guested on “Efter fem” the other day, he talked about life on a deserted island, what life as a supermodel looked like, the relationship with Pamela Anderson and that he had just become a father.

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Marcus Schenkenberg broke through in the 90s after being discovered on Venice Beach in Los Angeles. He was then captured by a photographer from a modeling agency, and after that the modeling jobs rolled in at a rapid pace. He would come to be known as the world’s first male supermodel. Marcus Schenkenberg has worked with models such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum. He has also been with Pamela Anderson and participated in TV shows such as Let’s Dance, The Prisoners of the Fort and the German version of Masked Singer.

Lost 18 kilos in three weeks

When he recently guested on “Efter fem”, he talked about life as a model, that he had just had a baby, but also about his participation in the reality series “The Island”. In the program, a number of participants try to survive without supplies on a deserted island for three weeks. “It was so much harder than I ever thought,” he reveals in the interview, and talks about the lack of sleep and all the time spent finding water and food. During three weeks, he lost 18 kilos in weight. After the filming, he ate double portions to regain the weight. “I have learned more about my body and my metabolism has become faster,” he says in the program and also reveals that he eats pasta every day to maintain the weight.

Was with Pamela Anderson

In “Efter fem”, he also talks about the relationship with Pamela Anderson, which lasted a year. The couple lived in her beach house in Malibu and he witnessed how she was influenced by the media in the wake of the sex tape of her and Tommy Lee that was illegally distributed on the Internet. “There was a lot of prejudice and trouble when they wrote mean things about her,” says Marcus Schenkenberg in the program.

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Shocked by the pregnancy announcement

Marcus also talks about how he recently became a father to his son Colin. “It was completely unplanned, me and Jessica dated a bit when I just arrived in Sweden”, he reveals. The pregnancy announcement came as a shock but also joy as he had long dreamed of becoming a father. However, he and the mother are not a couple today and live in different cities. “Jessica is a great mother,” he says in the program, emphasizing that they base their parenting on friendship. “A friendship can easily last a lifetime,” he says in the interview.

“The Island” premieres on February 2.

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