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Marciano Cantero was remembered at the 2023 Grammy Awards

The late Argentine musician, singer and composer Horacio Eduardo Cantero, better known as “Marciano Cantero” He was remembered at the Grammy Awards, in its 2023 edition.

This is one of the most emotional moments of the aforementioned award ceremony, and so it happened to remember the singer of the Enanitos Verdes, who died in 2022.

Cantero died on September 8, 2022, after complications from kidney problems. Three days before his death, he had undergone surgery to remove a kidney, but he died after complications with his only remaining kidney.

The star of Los Enanitos Verdes appeared at the tribute to a standing ovation, as did Pablo Milanés, TOm Verlainemusicians of Earth, Wind & Fire, Pharaoh Sanders and keith leveneamong others.

then the rapper Quavo resumed live music to greet Takeoff -his nephew and partner in friendswho left this world last November – with the song “Without You” together with the Maverick City Music Choir.

Cantero had a great career in national rock, he was at the helm from the beginning in the mythical group, which would later become one of the most exportable in all of Argentina.

Among his greatest hits are: “The green wall”, “I saw you on a train”, “For the rest” and “Bolivian regret”.

For the year 1984, the group, which was made up of Felipe Staiti on guitar, Daniel Piccolo on drums and Marciano with his voice, were chosen as Revelation at the Skirt Festival.

Such an award was the impulse that the group needed to make the decision to move to the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires.

They had the objective of recording their first album, which would bear the same name as the band.

The album included the song “I’m still singing”, which wreaked havoc on the radio, to become a rock classic.

In what was one of his last interviews with Cantero, published in November 2021, the singer had anticipated his group’s new tour, which was scheduled for last year.

Then he highlighted his life change after returning from Mexico, where he lived until a few years ago.

“Now I am dedicating myself to my garden and to a domestic life that I had almost never had, my sleep improved, I started doing gymnastics, I changed my diet, I stopped eating flour, I tried two weeks and it was great, so I continued. I was also working as a carpenter, making the acoustic panels in the room where I work, I kept active in other things, ”he said at the time.

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