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Marcelo tempted to play in Liga MX after his abrupt departure from the Greek Super League

Marcelo Vieira, Brazilian soccer player.


After winning everything with Real Madrid and at the age of 34, it was thought that the Brazilian Marcelo Vieira He would be in Greek football for a long time due to the good feelings he had when he arrived in that country and the great reception from the fans, added to the high level he showed in the early stages of the season.

But surprisingly player and club terminated in recent days the contract that united them. His last ownership was on January 11 and from then on he disappeared from the pitches and even from the benches.

The reasons why both parties parted ways are unknown, although the press speculates that it was due to a Marcelo’s own honesty attack when seeing his low physical level and the demand of an Olympiacos board of directors and fans who dreamed of enjoying something similar to what was seen with another Brazilian, Rivaldo (2004-2007).

The full-back is currently in the capital of Spain, and given the speculation that he could sign a free contract again with Real Madrid, that nation’s media clarified that it is due to the representation that he makes of his son Enzo Alves Vieira, so only 13 years old, who recently signed a contract with the club of his father’s loves.

From Greece they confirm that by Marcelo feel interest in MLS, Liga MX and some teams in BrazilEven in winter they knocked on his agent’s door to find out his situation with respect to Olympiacos, if he wanted to continue or step aside.

The MX League is an option before what Marcelo wants to do

Without losing its high pace of competition, Liga MX is known as a competition that receives great soccer players, already established and in the last part of their career.

In the past it has already happened with names like Pep Guardiola, Iván Zamorano, Luis Amaranto Perea or the Brazilian star Ronaldinho. It could be repeated with Marcelo Vieira.

Before the start of the Clausura 2023 Tournament, Marcelo’s name was hanging around the offices of several Liga MX clubs, among them Cruz Azul, Tigres de la UANL and Rayados de Monterrey; There was also talk of an interest from the Águilas del América, but to a lesser extent because the cream-blue plans revolved elsewhere to reinforce their squad.

“No team has made any approach to the player official”, was the information published between July 2022 and January of this year about the interest of these teams in Marcelo. It was always in the folder but they never picked up the phone to talk to him, his representative or the Olympiacos club.

It remains to be seen if the Brazilian will want to accept a hypothetical offer from Liga MXwhich you can reach out of the market due to your status as a free player.

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