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Many younger people dream of working in development

Apps have become something that consumers use on a daily basis, whether shopping for clothes, paying bills, checking timetables or passing the time with games. Game apps in particular have become popular and are used by a very large part of the population. A few years ago, a large survey was conducted in which a very large number of Swedes stated that they like to play on their mobile phones. Could this be the starting point for a new industry that will attract many younger people to apply for the development industry? We talk to Linus Pettersson, who lives in Stockholm and has become interested in app development and the game development industry.

What do you think is so interesting about app development?

– What is most interesting is how much it actually controls a person’s free time. Which app is the best, the one that keeps people coming back to play and more. Apart from that, I think apps also simplify people’s lives and that is something I will strive for when I work on it. I myself became interested after playing casino games. I tried my way through the different games with different deposit possibilities. I mainly saw the development potential when I compared small players on the market with the larger ones William Hill Casino, which has been part of my inspiration. But of course there are many more. I asked myself if the industry was really ready for new payment methods, and here I saw my entrance. The process itself is becoming increasingly easier and more efficient for those who use apps and who have ventured into new payment methods in fintech. These are two industries that are growing rapidly, says Linus Pettersson.

What is the ultimate dream?

– I want to have my hands in both app development, games and fintech. I want to develop an app or maybe an API that connects different payment methods with the players and gaming companies. Right now it’s hard to put my finger on exactly what I want to do, but I want to be part of the change and be able to contribute to something that benefits all parties. These are the kind of innovative solutions that the industries need. Just look at how the fintech company Tink fared which was recently acquired by VISA for 1.8 billion euros. It is precisely such an example that I like to refer to.

What would you say to others who also got interested in this type of profession and industries?

– I don’t have a lot of experience, but based on what I have, I can say that you have to make sure you are well-educated about current and upcoming trends, what is happening in working life and what the companies want to invest in. Then, of course, you must also be knowledgeable in technology and dare to think outside the box to find new innovations and solutions that can change the market. I and many others who share the same interest share the same view on many things we read about on a daily basis.

Which company is the dream to start working for?

– I think it’s easier to look for a job abroad, and the USA and Apple are the dream. It is said that the industry can create 20,000 more jobs in the future. Just getting to try living in another country and taking a chance on your future would be nice to do. But in the end, I would like to have my own company where me and my employees create games. That is my biggest dream. But then we must not forget that there are good opportunities in Sweden because many of the larger players are starting to establish themselves at home as well.

You may have heard or read about that Microsoft has begun to establish itself more and more in Sweden. Is this a company you can imagine working for?

– Maybe, I appreciate and respect Microsoft, but I see myself in a more creative place. I think you learn the most from smaller startups. There, the mentality is a little different, and there I think that the development potential is a little greater, at least if I am allowed to reflect.

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