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Manuel Mijares hit a Televisa actor and sent him to the hospital | VIDEO

Manuel Mijares He has been ranked among the spoiled stars of Hispanic music. But Lucero’s ex-husband would have a “dark” secret. Well, according to the famous comedian, Juan Carlos Casasola, the Mexican singer went too far with the actor Hugo Acosta, whom he would have beaten in a soccer game.

Mijares would have gotten upset, which sparked a fight, or at least that’s how the comedian recounted the serious injuries that sent his partner to the hospital and that still, several years after the incident, has some consequences due to the damage left by this conflict with the interpreter.

It was in a talk on the “El Minuto que cambió mi destino” program that the member of “Guerra de Chistes” recounted the time when the interpreter of “Bella” and “To love us more” attended a soccer gamein which he caused a dispute because he was angry that he was not called up in the acting team.

“Mijares was angry because he had arrived and wanted to play with the team of actors. He asked to enter the other team, the sportswriters, they put him in, Hugo made two tunnels and the campaign was armed ”


Casasola highlighted, adding that he had been denied entry to the group because many had already been part of it for more than 10 years, however, they were willing to invite him in the coming days.

“When everything exploded, everyone was already beaten, kicked, but the urgency was to take Hugo to the hospital”


Said the soap opera villain, who added that the actor, who was also a singer, had facial injuries.

Casasola stressed that he had a “jaw fracture” and that currently “He has a plate in his eye, if I remember correctly, he has a metal plate, because he was sent to the hospital”.

Hugo Acosta is an actor and singer who debuted on television in 1990. He had some participation in productions such as “Days without a moon”, “Ángeles Blancos”, “Canción de amor”, starring Eduardo Capetillo and the late Lorena Rojas.

He also stood out in “Three women”, “The right to be born” and some chapters of “Mujer Casos de la Vida Real”, hosted by the diva of Cine de Oro, Silvia Pinal.

He has worked for Televisa, Univisión and Tv Azteca, and is active in plays, presentations and unit programs.

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