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Måns Zelmerlöw on the first meeting with his wife: “She was absolutely sure I was a gay wedding singer”

Before Måns Zelmerlöw steps up on stage in the program “So much better” to perform an interpretation of Norlie & KKV, he talks about when he met his wife Ciara. The wife was absolutely convinced that Måns was a gay wedding singer.

Photo: Instagram @manszelmerlovw

“I’ve been a hopeless romantic who has believed that as soon as I’ve been out and met someone, I’ve thought ‘this is the woman in my life’,” says Måns Zelmerlöw in the program. Today he lives together with his wife Ciara. The couple live in London and have a summer house in Båstad. Together they have son Albert, 3, and Ciara has son Archie, 7, from a previous relationship.

Met at a wedding

In the program “Together with Strömstedts”, the couple previously told that they met for the first time at a wedding. Ciara also told in that context that at their first meeting she thought that Måns was interested in men.

In “So much better”, Måns reveals that Ciara not only thought he was gay, she also thought he was a wedding singer. He describes himself as a hopeless romantic who, before meeting love, was able to leave a tour to meet a woman he developed feelings for. But once Ciara entered his life, he seems to have quickly realized that she was the one. “We had a lot of fun during our first dates,” he says in the program. “But what happens when a weekday comes, will it feel just as good? It did, fortunately.”

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