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Manicure 2022: Chic and funky nails

If fashion changes from one year and even from one season to another, the same phenomenon is still observed at the manicure level. To look chic and in step with the times, you should also take care of your nail art. Eager to introduce you to the latest in the field, here’s our little guide to trendy nails 2022. A journey through and above the ground to the ends of your nails we’re going to name: back to nature.

Patterned nails from the galaxy to follow trends

nail trend 2022 nail art galaxy universe stars space cosmic

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‎Some marble nails‎

Marble effect nails are not a recent trend. In fact, its popularity dates back to last year when we favored its minimalist white and black version. In 2022, the difference would be in the level of colors that would decline to infinity. More intense colors like spruce green, navy blue and fuchsia pink would be bold to make interesting abstract designs. Don’t hesitate to play around with the patterns to give them a natural look.

Classic black and white marble nails

black and white marble effect nails cracked long manicure woman

Marble trend nail art in white and red

gel nail trend 2022 red and white abstract diluted pattern

nail trend 2022 very peri color

Pantone color of the year 2022, the very peri hue is a very warm blue pulling towards purple. Combining boldness and softness at the same time, this color would be very present not only in interior design and fashion, but also in nail art. And there’s something simpler than buying a lavender nail polish, which simply applies to your nails. No drawings or overly complicated techniques!

Very peri nails from an original lavender shade

pantone color 2022 very peri what color trend long nail manicure

nail trend 2022 light purple fashion idea for the year

navy blue nail color

Peri itself wouldn’t be the only shade of blue that has the wind in its sails this year. In fact, the whole range of intense blues would be particularly current. Royal blue, night, navy – dark tones have the advantage of being vibrant enough to attract attention and chic enough to escape traditional black in style.

‎Blue – the dominant color of the year‎

the popular navy blue color nail polish in 2022 on nails

quelle couleur d ongles en 2022 example of nail art bleu marine

‎Galaxy of nail art trend‎

‎The Universe at the End of Nails… This is another flagship nail trend of the year 2022. According to the annual report by Pinterest – the leading image-sharing platform – searches for this extraordinary design have increased by 115% in the past year. Most often we talk about abstract patterns of galaxies drawn on a black varnish background. After applying black, simply decorate with a variety of bright colors (blue, pink, white) by tapping the nail with a sponge. To add a sublime starry accent, consider glossy nail polishes.‎

‎Galaxy nails to be noticed‎

model ingles galaxie tendance manucure coloré original abstract

manicure idea for 2022 original nails colors galaxy black purple glitter

landscape nails

Outside of alien landscapes, Pinterest is still seeing a surge in demand for all things nature. First, there are the geode nails. Inspired by the aesthetics of precious and semi-precious stones, this type of nail art adopts the shape and colors of rhinestones. To achieve this mineral effect, it is best to enlist the help of a nail professional so that the result is as close to natural as possible.

Nail art woman geode example

trendy manicure idea for 2022 green geode nails with gold edge

In addition to the depths of the Earth, it would also draw inspiration from the picturesque exotic landscapes. Desert, ocean, aurora nails – one would dare the small patterns inspired by nature to create mini nail art masterpieces. Once spring arrives, the trend would be towards the floral manicure, which would also be raised as a true art. The minimalist little flower would be replaced by pretty bushes and bouquets of flowers, or even small rural enactments.

Confined manicure idea for summer – desert nails

nails idea desert clouds manicure and desert landscapes with cacti

‎Aurora nails to shine‎

modernes ongles aurore scintillantes paillettes et couleurs neon

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‎The ocean pattern which is another cute summer nail art idea‎

french nail art été ocean vague motif by mer oiseaux tendance ongles en gel

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‎The flowery manicure‎

nude color nails spring floral patterns flower bouquets black peas

The incompatible manicure

For any nail, your character! If you really want to impress and draw attention to your nails, go for the mismatched style. Nails of different colors or different shades of the same color… Or, different patterns on each of the nails… The possibilities are endless. To make it simple and elegant, a very easy solution is to paint your nails in various pastel shades.

Incompatible nails in pastel tones

pastel nails color purple pink yellow green rainbow manicure trend

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mismatched nails of various colors matt nail polish trend gel nails

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‎Nail model incompatible with various patterns‎

nail art bleu et or motifs fleuris dessins et couleur very peru bleu trend

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‎The colorful French manicure‎

‎Finally, if you have fallen under the spell of the French manicure, adopt it in a version with colored ends. To escape the banality of classic design, but still, since the colorful French manicure has been popular lately. Opt for multiple colors to show off a nice rainbow effect. However, you can still stick to small stickers with various patterns to make the design even more interesting. The animal motif would give you a wild and daring side.‎

‎French manicure with colorful tips‎

ongle trend 2022 idée nail art french pastel colored bouts

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leopard motif dessin ongles french bouts colorés originaux

effet marbre ongle avec deco by pierres et couleurs diluées exemple deco ongles

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‎Colorful French manicure with small minimalist patterns‎

example tendance manucure ongle french coloré arc en ciel dessin coeur

french colorful manicure with orange dots and flower designs

floral manicure idea in sky blue nail polish drawing spring nails

idee ongles bleu mat amande exemple trend manucure 2022

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manucure couleur bleu nuances variées idée ongles dépareillées originales

‎2022 Flowery Manicure Gel Idea‎

manucure printemps ongles avec des fleurs dessinés dessus motifs originaux

model nail art ocean original nails summer 2022 drawing waves 3d patterns

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nail art aurora idee shiny nails pink shiny trend

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pink red purple and white feminine glitter marble nails

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‎Example of a bright fench manicure‎

french nail art colorful glitter purple nails varnish nude

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ocean nail polish with sequins starfish water green color

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gel nails with floral patterns creative designs

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nails color black pattern galaxy nails short nail with stars design

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gel nail trend 2022 pastel colors nails matte nails nail art original.jfif

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nail gel trend 2022 colored with pink nail polish and blue glitter

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