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Manelyk González boasted to his fans the benefits of his body lying on the beach

The workload was intense for Manelyk González, who after participating in Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy, where she obtained second place in the contest, He chose to take a few days to vacation at the beach.

In the heat of the sea breeze and lying practically naked on the sand, the influencer chose to share it with her more than 15 million followers on Instagram a couple of photos and a video that immediately generated positive comments.

“Learning to be alone with yourself is the key to well-being!!!!”, was the phrase added by the model who rose to fame after having participated in Acapulco Shore, the MTV Reality Show, where she herself confessed a few months ago that the production practically led it to be handed over to one of his colleagues.

“My mentality was they are going to pay me because I find out, but they actually paid me shit#%. To be the most watched program, they paid me $200,000 pesos ($10,000 dollars) per season,” he explained. on the tv show The minute that changed my destiny.

In the same segment, he revealed that in order to have a projection on the show, he had to hand himself over to one of his colleagues.

“I was almost 23 years old. In that season I slept with someone who is now my best friend and I did it in front of a camera. Perhaps the contract does not say that you have to sleep with someone, but if you don’t have something with someone, they tell you Ciao, because you have to entertain, ”he emphasized.

However, that experience allowed Manelyk González to boost his career to the level he had projected, because after seven seasons of appearing in front of the screen maintaining relationships, his popularity rose like foam and then invitations arose to participate in other segments of TV.

It is noteworthy that Before rising to fame, the model was linked to the criminal nicknamed Pistache, who as a member of the Tepito Union is accused of drug trafficking, kidnapping and extortion of various merchants. who work in the capital of the country.

Apart from her facet in front of the television cameras, Manelyk has also managed to develop as a businesswoman and owner of a spa, in addition to marketing bathing suits and girdles for women.

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