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Maluma celebrated his birthdays with Marc Anthony, David Beckham and other celebrities

He celebrated his day surrounded by great celebrities

Photo: ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images

Juan Luis Londoño Arias, better known by his stage name of Malumahe turned 29 years old.

And he did it in style, nothing more and nothing less than surrounded by some figures of the stature of david beckham former English footballer and singer Mark Anthony, among others.

It was learned that he shared with these figures thanks to a video broadcast on social networks in which he is shown together with these aforementioned celebrities.

Maluma is shown surrounded by these friends and where his girlfriend, Susana Gómez, is also present, who in the midst of the merriment, among those present, someone let out a phrase “The ring, the ring”, and the Colombian touched his ring finger .

The meeting was held in Miami, United States, a city where the singer Marc Anthony will marry Nadia Ferreira this weekend.

This marriage could be considered one of the great social events of the year. Both got engaged last May before the eyes of family and friends.

Several close friends of the singer will be the witnesses, together with his GermanBigram Zayas. Some names that came up were Romeo Santos, Marco Antonio Solis and, of course, Maluma.

In short, it was a dinner in which there was no lack of fun, laughter and surely a very well intoned song to congratulate the Colombian singer on his 29th birthday.

Users on the Internet were surprised, since several figures from different media were gathered in the same place.

This is a clear sample of the media growth that Maluma has been achieving and reflects that he is at a very high point in his career, both in the music industry and in the entertainment world.

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