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Maki Soler reacts upset to the announcement of the new romance of her ex-husband, Juan Soler | VIDEO

The Argentine heartthrob of soap operas, Juan Soler He was back in the spotlight after he uncovered his romance with his program partner, Paulina Mercado, as both confirmed it in full live broadcast of “Sale el Sol”.

It was announced that they are starting a new romance and since then a lot of expectation has been generated to know what he thought in this regard Maki Moguilevski, who was each for more than fifteen years with the Argentine actorfor which she herself published a message on her social networks in which she addressed the subject.

It was through her official Instagram profile where the beloved host of “¡Cuéntamelo Ya!” posted a message that He made it clear that he does not want the press to continue asking him about the terms of his recent divorce from Juan Soler.

And especially everything related to her love life, since these are issues that she prefers to keep private, for which she asked that she not be labeled a “clown” if she does not answer these questions.

“For me it is important to tell them that my life is not negotiable, that I do not publish my life, that I do not like to put on a show with my relationships or with my life, in fact, almost no one, only my very close circle, knows what is my sentimental situation and that is how I have decided to keep it out of respect for my daughters and because it is my line in which I like to move ”


Wrote Maki, who separated from the Argentine in November 2018. Regarding the specific issue of Juan Soler’s new relationship, Moguilevski pointed out that he highly respects his decision to air his romance with Paulina Marcado, whom he considers to be the right person for the father of his daughters.

“Here a topic closes, Juan is the father of my daughters, I will like the person he is with too, because I am sure he will choose the right person to share his days, his life, his months and I’m not going to talk about it again”

Finally, Maki assured that she does not intend to create any kind of scandal for the well-being of her daughters and emphasized that she is not willing to talk about her love life. and he wished Juan Soler to be very happy in his new relationship with his broadcast partner in “Sale el Sol”.

“It is also setting a limit and giving me my place and where I want to travel with my daughters, who are the only ones to whom I owe explanations. They, of course, are aware of everything I feel. I am not going to start giving interviews, let him continue with his life, I wish him to be happy, because if he is happy, my daughters will be happy ”

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