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Makeup tips to hide wrinkles

The weight of age insists on revealing itself on the face. We went in search of makeup tips to disguise the wrinkles that really work.

There are more and more products that promise to attenuate the signs of age and that, combined with makeup to hide wrinklesmanage to work real miracles in skin rejuvenation.

Although the aging of the face is part of an inevitable natural process, which we will all go through, the truth is that nowadays there are already some allies, when what we want is to look younger.

But remember that no matter how natural it is to want to fight and disguise wrinkles, giving the skin a youthful look, we must accept ourselves as we are, without too much pressure.

After all, every woman is beautiful in her own way, and beauty at different ages is equally beautiful to look at.

However, if you really want to look younger, below we reveal some makeup tricks that create the illusion of a younger and more rejuvenated complexion, so you can always feel your best. Discover them.

Makeup to hide wrinkles: the 8 foolproof tips

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1. Give preference to products with anti-aging formulas

Today, there are already many make-up products, such as foundations, primers or even eyeshadows with anti-aging formulas, which help to give the skin a smoother, silkier and more youthful appearance.

Prefer them and welcome skin with a rejuvenated appearance.

2. Always use primer

As you know, the primer is an essential product to prepare the skin to receive make-up, uniforming its texture.

And, the good part is that it is an extremely useful ally to hide wrinkles, since it makes the skin smoother so that the makeup has a natural and uniform finish.

Choose one suitable for your skin, and see the difference. You’ll never want to live without him again.

3. Don’t dispense with the concealer to disguise dark circles and puffiness

If what you want is a young and fresh look, the dark circles corrector is essential. As you know, the first wrinkles and expression lines tend to appear right next to the eyes, so hiding them is imperative.

So, first spread the concealer around the eyes and then go on to apply the foundation. But be careful: don’t apply too much product, as too much product can crease and enhance wrinkles.

4. Always choose a moisturizing foundation

Mature skin naturally has a greater need for hydration as it tends to dry out easily.

In this sense, it is very important that you favor a moisturizing base that, in addition to nourishing the skin while making it uniform, also helps to disguise wrinkles and signs of fatigue in aged skin.

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5. Don’t give up a foundation with a high sun protection factor

Skin aging is closely linked to the sun and UV rays. And, although the sun is important for the body, the skin must always be protected from its harmful effects.

Therefore, in addition to the daily use of sunscreen, you should bet on foundations with a protection factor that will prevent the signs of age from getting worse.

6. Prefer a damp sponge to spread the foundation

Using a damp sponge to spread your foundation is an excellent tip for the finish to become smoother and more natural, without marking wrinkles.

So, wet the sponge and squeeze it so that it is only slightly damp. Then apply your usual foundation with it, tapping your face to spread it evenly across the complexion.

The result is beautiful, blemish-proof skin where wrinkles fade into the background.

7. Don’t forget a little highlighter and blush

Using highlighter on the cheekbones and blush on the cheeks can work wonders in the art of masking wrinkles.

This is because your face will gain points of focus that will stand out, making wrinkles take on a secondary role. Don’t forget to use this tip in conjunction with a moisturizing foundation, for a youthful and well-groomed make-up.

8. Finish the make-up with a setting spray

So that your makeup, carefully applied, becomes more lasting, not revealing the signs of age, it is important that you use a setting spray.

This product will help make-up stay beautiful and flawless throughout the day. And, although it seems like just a detail, it makes all the difference when what you want is a younger appearance.

With these makeup tips to hide wrinkles, you can’t help but feel rejuvenated and wonderful in your own skin.

What are you waiting for to start putting them into practice?

Article originally published in October 2021. Updated in September 2022.

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