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Makeup for New Year’s Eve at home: the 7 best

At the arrival of the new year we want to be at our best. We’ve put together the best makeup for New Year’s Eve.

Welcoming a new year is always a special occasion. And, naturally, we want to look our best, even if it’s to stay home. We have therefore gathered the best makeup for New Year’s Eve at home??

Indeed, there are those who argue that when we get ready and put on makeup our self-esteem rises, which translates into greater happiness and motivation. For that reason, even if I’m going to start the year alone and with confortable clothesit is natural that you feel more beautiful if you have makeup on.

See our step-by-step suggestions below and enter 2023 even prettier.

7 makeup for New Year’s Eve that you’ll want to recreate

New Year’s Eve is the ideal time for us to shine and use what we usually don’t use.

So, if you like heavy eyes with a touch of glitter, you can do this makeup that will rock.

It’s the known youtuber Camila Coelho who teaches how to recreate the step by step in shades of gold, where the focus is on the eyes with glitter.

As well as being a very pretty festive make-up, it’s perfect to wear with all kinds of looks, this New Year’s Eve at home. From the pajamas to the black suit, not forgetting the sequined dress, of course.

So, it doesn’t matter if you start the year comfortably or with a metallic dress: this make-up is a good inspiration. And it’s easier to do than it seems at first glance.

If you don’t feel very pleased with makeup for New Year’s Eve full of sparkles, how about entering 2023 with a simple and minimalist one?

be inspired by youtuber Portuguese Helena Coelho, and recreate this make-up that offers the illusion that she is not even wearing make-up. Perfect, therefore, to enter the new year looking beautiful, but without great excesses.

You can use it to go out to dinner with friends or to welcome 2023 on the sofa. It’s your choice.

Also very easy to recreate is this make-up, in shades of pink. Because it’s not too heavy, it’s a good choice for those who want to start 2023 looking pretty, but without too much sparkle.

Recreate it and get ready to welcome the new year in style.

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don’t spare a good eyeliner even on New Year’s Eve? So you already know what makeup to do to enter 2023.

Yes, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing leggings or dressed up: with this simple and easy make-up, you’ll rock this New Year’s Eve.

If you are a practical woman, but want to be dressed up to welcome the new year at your best, how about recreating this make-up? You will only need 3 products and the result is a light, fresh make-up without too much excess.

And the best? It takes no more than ten minutes to do. Perfect, therefore, for those who don’t like to waste time getting ready.

Do you have mature skin and want to apply makeup this New Year’s Eve? Don’t worry, we have the solution.

In this tutorial you will learn to recreate a makeup incredible that it works well whether you welcome 2023 or any other occasion.

It’s never been so easy to feel beautiful in your own skin to welcome in the new year, right?

If you like simple but beautiful makeup, this one is perfect for you. Easy to make and very versatile, it works well whether you are going to wear a sequined dress or if you prefer to wear a shirt with velvet trousers.

Ready to say hello to 2023 at its finest?

As you can see, there are suggestions both for those who don’t do without glitter, as well as for the more practical and minimalist ones..

But remember that, since we are still experiencing a pandemic, you should be extra careful, especially if you are not spending New Year’s Eve at home.

Happy New Year!

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