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Make 2023 your year! 6 New Year’s resolutions we actually want to try to keep

New Year’s resolutions can feel hackneyed and perhaps even out-of-date. We’ve found six New Year’s resolutions or New Year’s goals (call it what you want) that we actually want to keep this year! No-pressure promises that aren’t about changing your body or something you don’t like about yourself, but about making you your best self—for real.

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Find your own style

Is your home and wardrobe as messy as the guys’ hair in the 00s? Recognizing that feeling… So let 2023 be the year you find your personal style. Make a mood board of what you like, both when it comes to fashion and interior design. Also take the opportunity to clear out everything you don’t use, see it as a real fresh start. Also remember that you have the whole year, you don’t need to stress.

Only follow people who truly inspire you

You probably follow a lot of different people on social media, just like us. But it can easily happen that inspiration turns into stress and you feel like a worse person who doesn’t exercise every morning, have dinners with friends or have such a nice home. Unfollow everyone who contributes to stress (not just famous profiles) and start following those who give you real inspiration.

Stop talking about your body and other people’s

If there is one behavior that we should all stop, it is commenting on other people’s bodies. This is something that we often do without thinking about it “have you lost weight?”, “What is she wearing? She looks like a sack of soup” and similar comments. Tell those around you that you are trying to change this behavior and try to get them to join you. This will probably be more difficult than you might think.

Take time for reflection

At the end (or beginning) of each day. Take 10 minutes to reflect on your day, meditate, journal, or something similar. Does 10 minutes feel too overwhelming? Take five minutes. The most important thing is just to take time to stop in everyday life and think about the present and what is happening.

Do something relaxing once a week

If you have a bathtub, you can take a bath once a week where you go all in with foam, oils and scented candles. Get yourself deeply relaxed and allow yourself to do nothing but just relax. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can take a foot bath, rest in bed, read a book or go for a massage. Anything that suits you and gives your mind and body a rest.

Try something new once a month

Aaah, you might be thinking now. There wouldn’t be any promises that would feel pressing. This may sound a bit overwhelming at first. But doing something new can be just as much about trying a new form of exercise as going for a new round when you walk. You can also try a new food dish, fruit or take up a completely new activity such as playing the piano. You can make it as big or as small as you want. It will be your challenge during the year, which will be exactly how you want it. You will notice that it feels very developing!

Source: The Every Girl

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