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Maite Perroni: This was her mother’s tender reaction to the news of her pregnancy

What a stir the actress and singer caused Maite Perroni during the first week of 2023, as he finally announced the upcoming arrival of his firstborn along with producer Andrés Tovar. In addition to the reaction of his scene partners in Rebelde, The response that unleashed the most tenderness was that of his mother, Maite Beorlegui. Read on to find out the details!

It was through Instagram that the singer’s mother shared her excitement at the news with a brief but forceful message: “. . . And I the most 🌟😊🌟 HAPPY!! To wait for you, pamper you and pamper you very, very much, ”she reads herself in her publication.

It should be noted that Beorlegui took up some images of the Rosca del Día de Reyes with which his daughter and son-in-law made their Christmas gift known to the whole world.

It wasn’t long before Maite Perroni herself turned to the comments section to thank her mother for her show of affection with a few emotionally charged words. “I love you my mother!”, It reads as a response from the famous.

Although the husband of the protagonist of “Oscuro Deseo” limited himself to leaving a like in Beorlegui’s publication, it was the couple’s fan club that took it upon themselves to let him know of their appreciation.

As part of the messages that adorned the publication are: “Congratulations to the grandmother”; “Congratulations to the lady, thank you for being an inspiration for a mother”; “We are all happy” and “We already want to see you with the baby in your hands. The best grandmother in the world, how lucky are her grandchildren ”.

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