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Maite Perroni publishes a heartbreaking message to say goodbye to one of the loves of her life: “My heart is broken into a thousand little pieces”

The actress and singer, Maite Perroni He dressed in mourning by sharing a moving message on his social networks in which he confirmed the death of one of the most important members of his family, receiving displays of support from his fans and colleagues.

In her personal profile on Instagram, the protagonist of “Rebelde”, “El Juego de las Llaves” and “Dark Desire” uploaded a video accompanied by a sad message with which he said goodbye to his beloved companion. The reactions did not wait and here we present all the details.

A few hours ago, Maite Perroni, one of the most famous with the most followers on social networks, uploaded a short video in which she said goodbye to her petto whom he dedicated some moving words to thank him for his company and all the moments they lived.

In the publication, the television star uploaded several images of the experiences she had with her puppy “Sancho”. In the letter, he confessed that his heart was “broken into a thousand little pieces”, but he hopes that he has been very happy in all the time they were together.

“My heart is broken into a thousand little pieces, I hope that your soul knows how much I love you and how much I miss you. I hope you have been very happy with this family that melted with love for you. Thank you for your unconditional love and for being that heart with legs. I love you Sancho panzón forever and ever”.

As expected, the post went viral within a few minutes, Well, figures like Angelique Boyer, Zuria Vega and Marjorie De Sousa sent their condolences to Maite Perroni: “Big hug” and “I’m so sorry” were some of the comments the television star received.

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