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Maite Perroni opens up about her desire to be a mother and a possible return of RBD to the stage

Happy and with the desire to start a family, it’s like Maite Perroni and her husband, the producer Andres TovarThey close the year.

This was shared by the couple during a brief meeting with representatives of the media at the Mexico City airport, where once again the actress was blunt in assuring that not pregnantAlthough it is one of their purposes for the next 2023, but for now they are focused on continuing to enjoy this new stage as spouses.

“I wish it so, We already put our letter under the tree, it’s already ordered, We are going to see what happens and when it is achieved”, said Perroni.

She assured that when the time is right they will share it with their public and asked to ignore the rumors that arose a few days ago when she was seen in a hospital, noting that her visit was due to various situations, one of them a neck problem. .

“There have been different situations for which he was going, he had a neck issue and other things. But the truth is everything is fine and when we say so, that’s what we’re at. I hope that soon we will say yes to them ”, she pointed out.

And he was blunt in saying that he does not care what is rumored about her, because nothing that is said is true.

“Many things are said, but we do not take it into account. let them say whatever they want. It slips more and more for me, ”she said.

During the same meeting, the singer also shared some details of the recent meeting with her former colleagues Anahí, Dulce María, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez, which she described as “very nice”, and confessed that between them there has always been a relationship of ” lots of love, lots of history, lots of love”, but so far they have not planned a tour with the successful pop group.

“Every time they don’t see together they think that’s why (for a return to the stage), but they see us together because we have a friendship in lifeWe have many stories, because we love each other and we have been accomplices for many years,” he clarified.

In the interview taken up by the ‘Hoy’ program, he emphasized that it would be nice if they could coincide, but it is not so easy due to each one’s projects.

“It would be very nice, but you have to agree in many ways and hopefully it will be achieved one day, we would all like it, but suddenly it is complicated by the dates, by the commitments, and life will tell,” he mentioned.

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