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Maite Perroni explains how she will combine the RBD tour with her first months as a mother

He went out to testify before so many rumors

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The new tour of the return of the Mexican band is already confirmed Rebelde (RBD), for this year 2023.

It is a return that will pass through several places of United States Mexico and will also give a concert in Brazil.

Obviously, it was news that filled its fans with joy, who grew up with this popular television series.

Therefore, it is expected that they want all the members of RBD, or the majority, to be able to take part in this tour.

That is why, since one of its members Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar announced the expectation of their next daughter, hundreds of fans worried about the impact of this news and the stage of the group’s reunion.

Well, the same actress and singer has decided to break the silence in the face of so many rumors and speculation. She has confirmed that she will participate in all the shows that RBD has scheduled in the United States, Brazil and Mexico.

This, thanks to the support she has received from her husband, Andrés Tovar, as well as her colleagues.

“I am accompanied by a lot of love, a lot of support and a containment that strengthens me a lot to be able to take all these important steps. Too, The fact of being able to share this new stage is a challenge and it is a great opportunity to continue learning and that, in addition, my friends who already have experience are accompanying me and coaching me, they are giving me tips, advice and suggestions”, the singer said in an interview.

In this way, the actress hinted that her pregnancy was well received by all the RBD colleagues, and it was not an impediment for her to participate in “Soy Rebelde Tour”, since they all reached agreements for said project to continue its march.

“It is a very special moment, imagine what year awaits me. I am preparing myself from the physical and the emotional to be able to live all this stage that the truth is a beautiful stageI can’t complain, on the contrary, I feel blessed and super lucky. I am overflowing with gratitude, love, fullness, many illusions and, of course, a whole personal process that I am experiencing for the first time, ”she added.

Perroni also spoke about some reasons that forced the members of the well-known Mexican band to meet again after 15 years.

From his point of view, he commented that they will tour to please their fans with those hits that marked an entire generation. He sees it as a closing stage that led them to stardom.

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