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Maite Perroni confessed that her wedding was a key piece in the return of ‘RBD’

The protagonist of ‘Dark Desire’, Maite Perronispoke for the first time about the group’s great return to the stage ‘RBD‘. Within his statement, The famous revealed that her wedding would have been one of the causes of this anticipated reunion, here we tell you the details!

In a recent chat with the journalist “La Roiz”, the actress and singer recalled how her wedding was the meeting point in which personalities like Anahí, Christian Chávez and Christopher Uckermann gave themselves the opportunity to “imagine” a reunion of RBD.

“We were literally at my wedding,” said Maite Perroni. “Suddenly they themselves went to ask for the song so they could all sing it together and suddenly the moment came together, it was incredible, super loving,” said the interpreter with a smile on her face.

The special evening would have ignited a spark among the celebrities, who decided to formally meet again and go on a tour, this time including Dulce María. We cannot forget that she had not been able to be present at the series of concerts that the band held in 2021 due to her maternity.

“In the chat we said ‘hey and if we do reunite now’ and we put it together in a month and a half,” said Perroni.

It should be noted that this is not the only topic that Maite addressed during the interview, since her pregnancy also generated one or another questioning. And although she said she was happy about it, she decided not to provide many details about it.

The one who did go too far with the statements was her partner Dulce María, who in an interview with the “Hoy” program unintentionally revealed the approximate date of birth of her friend’s firstborn.

“I finish recording around April. Mai has to have her baby around, more or less those dates, the rehearsals would be after that, I think in June or July, ”she said about the tentative date for the start of rehearsals.

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