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Maite Perroni celebrates the 42nd birthday of her husband Andrés Tovar with an emotional message

Maite Perroni he opened his heart and, as few times, showed a romantic facet dedicating a message to her husband, producer Andrés Tovar, who this Monday, January 30, is celebrating his 42nd birthday.

Despite the fact that Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar began their courtship in the midst of the scandal of an alleged infidelity of his to the also actress Claudia Martín, they continue to demonstrate that they enjoy a solid relationship that formalized last October in the middle of a majestic weddingfor months later to reveal the happy news that they will soon become parents for the first time.

This is how, a few months after becoming a mother, the Mexican actress and singer shared with millions of fans one of the best stages of her life, because with an emotional message she wished her husband, Andrés Tovar, a happy birthday.

In the message that was accompanied by a series of photographs of both and the spectacular trip they made to the island of Santa Lucia, he confirmed that he is living fully, because he was the person he had always been waiting for.

“There is not a day that I do not appreciate your existence, because You are the best gift for those of us who have been lucky enough to meet you on this plane. My soul was waiting for you and you did exist, Yes, you are made of flesh and blood and yes, you are a mortal with wings who never stops dreaming and sharing with me every day how beautiful it is to live life in healthy love, ”he wrote.

He also highlighted that the producer of television programs such as ‘Sale el Sol’ and ‘Acércate a Rocío’ has a special ability to feel and connect with the people who need it most, as well as an immense love for life and doing justice, for which also took the opportunity to thank him for sharing his life with her.

“Thank you for inviting me to go through endless emotions with you, the most challenging and beautiful in life, thank you for being you, so humanly real and so incredibly true. I love you, love of my lives, as I couldn’t make myself capable of doing it,” added the actress.

One of the first to react was Andrés Tovar himself, who thanked the loving gesture with a few words in which compliments could not be missing.

“I love you with all my being. I am the happiest with you! God with us. Thank you for so much precious, beautiful, wonderful wife! ”, He pointed out, in addition to sharing some images of his romantic celebration.

Of course, thousands of reactions and messages from fans who sent congratulations also joined.

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