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Main mistakes when decorating the room

The living room is a real meeting point for residents. In it, everyone gathers to watch TV, talk or even receive visitors. Considered one of the most frequented rooms in the house, the living room needs a special decoration.

The living room is the busiest room in the house. (Photo: Disclosure)

At the time to decorate the room, residents tend to consider some factors, such as the choice of furniture, appreciation of a style and distribution in space. It is very important that all elements maintain a static harmony, otherwise the room will not become a pleasant environment to be in.

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What this article covers:

Common mistakes when decorating the room

To set up a comfortable and cozy social area, it is essential to avoid some flaws in the decoration. Check out the following main mistakes when decorating the room🇧🇷

Lack of planning
Many people decorate the living room without thinking about the appropriateness of the elements, such as adjusting the colors, furniture and decorations. Without planning, the chances of using pieces that do not match each other and leave the space with an unpleasant aesthetic increase.

Large furniture in the small room
A sofa or a large rack can harm the decoration of a small room, after all, they are not proportional pieces to the size of the environment. In addition to creating the feeling that space is tight, they also impair circulation. Furniture that is very deep, wide or with large armrests should be avoided.

Furniture cannot interfere with circulation in the room. (Photo: Disclosure)

inappropriate colors
At colors chosen for the room must match the proposed reception in the environment. White stands out as the most recurrent tone to paint the wall, as it matches all other colors. Excessive black or another dark tone is a serious mistake, especially in small rooms.

Lack of coffee table
The coffee table is a key piece for any room, so it cannot be missing from the decor. The ideal shape and size of furniture depends on the dimensions of the room. When the room is small, the round table usually facilitates circulation.

too big bookshelf
A large bookcase leaves the room with a heavy and outdated look, so the piece of furniture is not the best option. Residents should give preference to a low rack and loose shelves on the wall.

inadequate curtains
The living room curtains cannot be so short or completely compromise the entry of light. The piece that has the length to the floor is usually a great trick to invoke the feeling of spaciousness.

The distance between the TV and the sofa needs to be correct. (Photo: Disclosure)

Inadequate distance between sofa and TV
The distance between the sofa and the TV is not usually calculated properly. The mathematical formula that allows it to be calculated is: ‘number of inches x 2.5 x 3.5’.

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