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Magnify the screen with a magnifying glass

One Loupe is a small software program that can enlarge portions of the screen when you run it on a Windows device. The program is fully portable and requires no system installation, so you can run it right away on any supported system.

The developer lists all the major versions of Windows that are still supported by Microsoft and the versions that are no longer supported as supported. Windows XP and newer client versions are supported, and server versions start even earlier with Windows Server 2000.

Download the regular 32-bit or 64-bit version of the application to your local system and extract the zip file once the download is complete. The functionality is available from the start; A magnifying glass is displayed on the screen that you can move with the mouse to magnify the content on the screen.

You can use the mouse wheel, plus or minus, or the 1-9 keys to change the magnification level.

oneloupe screen magnifier

A right click or a tap on the Esc key cancels the effect and hides the magnifying glass on the system. Previous versions of the program came with no shortcuts, but this is no longer the case. You can still click the program icon in the system tray to bring up the magnifying glass on the screen, but you can also use the Windows-Esc shortcut to do so.

Even better, there’s an option to change the hotkey to something else should you want to change it.

A right click on the program’s system tray icon displays the available options. In addition to changing the priority of the application and its hotkey, it is possible to enable full screen mode. Full screen mode enlarges the entire screen instead of just a smaller area on the screen. You need to move around with the mouse as only part of the screen is shown in the enlarged version for obvious reasons.

Enlarging the screen can be a good option if text, images, or other elements are too small to be identified correctly. It can be useful in many situations, from solving captcha codes to looking closely at auction images. Visually impaired people can also benefit from the app.

closing words

OneLoupe is a useful program for Windows to magnify any content displayed on the system. It supports hotkeys, different magnification levels, and it’s really small.

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