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Madonna would have canceled her biopic after refusing to film a script that was too “light”


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A few days ago it was announced that the production of the long-awaited Madonna biographical film had been canceledbecause the singer announced her world tour Celebration which will begin this summer. Nevertheless, the 64-year-old artist would have disagreed with the request of executives from the Universal Pictures companywho wished that the film’s script was not as daring as the one she presented.

An informant revealed the above to page six: “Basically (the script) they didn’t like it. they wanted it to be pop Y Light. Madonna wants something much more daring, so they have come to an impasse. She would rather go to another studio than change the script. She still wants to do the movie, but now she’s picking it up after the tour. She has the same writers in mind, but she is aware that she might have to change the cast if the actors are not available.”

The first treatment of the script for the film -which would be directed by the Madonna– written by Devil Codywho was later replaced by Erin Wilson. As for the leading role, she got it julia garnerbut if the project is canceled until further notice she will not be able to wait, so she will have to fulfill the commitment to work on the tapes “The royal hotel” Y Apartment 7A.

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