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Madonna has a painting in her house that many considered missing


Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Madonna has been in the news this week for the announcement of his tour Celebrationbut now his hobby of collecting works of art has been exposed, since Brigitte Fouré, the mayor of Amiens, France, asked him to borrow the painting “Diana and Endymion” by Martin Langlois, which was lost after a bombing raid in 1918.

The oil painting was auctioned in New York in 1989; It is not known if it is the original or a faithful copy, but Madonna paid $1.3 million for the work, which was spotted by a curator in 2015 upon seeing a photograph of Madonna in her home.published in the magazine Paris Match.

Fouré is very enthusiastic about exhibiting the painting to the public and formally stated her reasons: “We do not question in any way the legal acquisition that you have made, but we are candidates to be European Capital of Culture in 2028. So I would like that on this occasion , this year, you could lend us your painting”. Until now the Queen of pop He has not released his response.

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