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Lyn May boasted some photographs where she seems to have rejuvenated

After having turned 70, the star Liliana Mendiola Mayanes, better known in the artistic environment as Lyn May, surprised her fans by sharing some photos on his social networks where he seems to have rejuvenated overnight.

And it is that The exotic dancer from the port of Acapulco, Guerrero, in an image shows off long, blonde hair, with her eyes painted in the style of the American singer Cher, but also with well-defined lips and a completely smooth face without any trace of his prominent cheekbones that emerged from an infamous cosmetic procedure which he underwent several years ago.

In this way, the legendary woman with Asian features who came to captivate several of the most important businessmen and politicians of her generation thanks to her physical attributes, She immediately began receiving dozens of comments questioning her about the name of the plastic surgeon who had operated on her so that her face projected a completely different image.

However, Lynn May He confessed that his change in physiognomy was the result of impeccable work carried out by an expert makeup artist, which was combined with the good eye of a photography professional. who managed to find the best angle for his face to balance it with the right light and then portray it.

In counterpart, The detractors of the dancer, who became a burlesque star in the 1970s, accused her of having used technology through certain filters or programs specialized in retouching photographs.

The truth is that the vitality of Lyn May does not stop surprisingbecause apart from its seven decades of existence, The lady continues to show a physique that several young women would like and not to mention the flexibility that she shows when she starts dancing opening the compass of his extremities to the spell of the spell produced by the sounds of the bongo.

However, everything this would be impossible to achieve without the daily sessions of up to three hours of exercise carried out by one of the last exponents of exotic dancewhere women used to go out on stage dressed in feathers and sequins and then end up semi or occasionally naked.

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