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Luxury real estate market in Mexico

The luxury real estate market it is full of imposing structures, beautiful views and highly exclusive locations that only a few have the opportunity to access. We tell you everything about luxury real estate in Mexico.

Investing in real estate is always a good option, considering that there are many factors that cause an increase in its value. However, there is a sector where opulence is the daily bread: the luxury real estate marketwhich generates an increasing demand for spaces.

It is not necessary to take your search to a global level, such as Hong Kong or the United Kingdom, since Mexican capital has also invested in the luxury housing market. Next, we explain all the details.

What are the main attributes that make a house considered luxury?

  • Space
  • Location
  • amenities
  • high quality materials
  • Privacy
  • Price


A standard measure among luxury properties is 200 mtwo. However, its surface can be larger, as in the case of large mansions, or smaller, such as luxury apartments.

For this reason, it is also important to take into account the architectural design of the property. This is because its modern finishes and structures will increase its price regardless of the size of the lot.


Location is one of the most important factors when we talk about luxury real estate since, as we will see later, a great weight of its value in the real estate market falls on this point.

On the one hand, the geographical location of the property must be in an exclusive area, such as Polanco, Las Lomas, San Pedro Garza García and Playa del Carmen, to mention some of the most popular high-value areas in Mexico.

In general terms, this contributes directly to the availability of nearby services, such as shopping malls, private schools, corporate buildings, restaurants, bars, and various places of interest. The land communication routes that help connect them with other highly relevant areas should also be counted.


This type of houses and apartments must have amenities that add an extra touch and distinguish them from other residential properties. Some of the most requested luxury amenities are:

  • High quality surveillance system
  • Bathrooms with Jacuzzi or integrated hydromassage tub
  • Large swimming pools, green areas and terraces
  • Private gym or exclusive use for residents
  • Technology implemented in elevators, doors and kitchens, such as voice-command switches and electronic locks.

high quality materials

Although the architectural design is an element that stands out at first sight, it must be accompanied by a firm construction in its structure, which is why high-quality materials are used to create spaces.

In addition, they must have finishes according to the style of the property, frequently hiring recognized interior designers. This is so that the exterior design remains consistent with the furniture and decorations that will be placed in the different spaces.


In addition to being a safe environment for residents from the outside, the real estate development must comply with certain parameters to guarantee privacy, for example:

  • Independent entrances
  • Wide distances between houses
  • individual elevators
  • Private parking


As expected, luxury properties are offered at high purchase prices, so their rental fee will also be high. It is worth mentioning that at calculate the rental price of a property, this is equivalent to 1% of the total value of the property.

dohow much does a penthouse cost?

A penthouse is synonymous with luxury. The demand for this type of apartments in the luxury real estate market has always been quoted at high prices backed by the impeccable architectural design they offer.

In this type of property, the level of luxury is measured by mtwoso sometimes they could be more expensive than a large house in an exclusive subdivision.

Another important factor that influences its price is its location. The penthouses have shown a clear trend in their location, preferring tourist areas or large cities that can offer a magnificent view from the windows.

Then,how much does a penthouse cost? Like any property, it will depend on the area. It should be noted that beach locations tend to have a higher price compared to those located within cities.

For example, the price range for a penthouse in Los Cabos ranges from 13 million pesos to 7 million dollars. This destination is highly popular, being chosen by great Hollywood personalities.

While a penthouse in San Pedro Garza García, one of the richest areas in the country, is quoted in a range of 50 million pesos to 3 million dollars.

Best areas to invest in luxury real estate market in Mexico

Some of the best areas to acquire luxury real estate are:

  • Los Cabos
  • San Pedro Garza Garcia
  • Tulum
  • The hills
  • Santa Fe
  • Polanco

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur

Near the beaches you can find a wide variety of luxury houses and apartments with privileged views. Among its amenities are golf courses, swimming pools, gym and terrace. They are generally used as vacation homes.

The price of luxury real estate for sale in Los Cabos It is 17 million pesos.

San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon

The Monterrey Metropolitan Area, in addition to industrial growth, has increased in popularity nationally, so it’s no wonder that buyers of luxury real estate here can find a wide variety of options.

Among its amenities are the yoga area, children’s room, playground, reading area and tree houses where children can have fun for hours.

These luxury properties have an average price of 18 million pesos.

Tulum, Quintana Roo

The luxury real estate sector has chosen Tulum as its home for a long time, being a classic place among investors in the Riviera Maya.

This area maintains average prices around 12 million pesos and offers gyms, children’s areas, a bathroom with Jacuzzi and swimming pools as its main amenities.

Las Lomas, Mexico City

being one of the higher value areas in the country’s capital, they offer luxury and comfort surrounded by a family atmosphere. Its average distribution is 4 rooms, between 1 and 2 service rooms, gardens, terrace and study.

The average price of luxury properties for sale in CDMXparticularly in this area, is 18 million pesos.

Santa Fe, Mexico City

The luxury market in Santa Fe offers different horizontal housing options, apartment buildings and exclusive subdivisions. With an average price of 18 million pesos, you can enjoy large spaces with a pool, gym, gardens and terrace.

Polanco, Mexico City

It is one of the favorite places for the acquisition of luxury homes. Your average price per mtwo It is 18 thousand 736 pesos and they offer a terrace, a maid’s room with a bathroom, parking and a study.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

It is the ideal place to buy a luxury home in the Mexican Pacific. With outdoor pools, bar, terrace, garden and recreation areas, the average price is 18 million pesos.

The luxury real estate market in Mexico presents a great investment opportunity for the Mexican buyer beyond knowing how much does a penthouse cost: offers the possibility of enjoying wonderful days surrounded by an exclusive atmosphere. Visit the real estate portal vivancios and check the luxury houses and apartments!

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