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Luxurious and Chic Homes – Photos inside and out

At Luxurious and Chic Homes arouse people’s admiration, both for the well-designed architecture and also for the elegance of the interior. The residences known as mansions are millionaire properties that are installed in the noblest neighborhoods in the world, with the aim of demonstrating the most sophisticated and modern in real estate.

Luxurious and Chic Homes – Photos inside and out

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Pictures of Luxurious and Chic Homes

Some classic mansions, built decades ago, are receiving modern adaptations that transform real estate into luxury properties. The use of classic structures that recovered trends in the field of architecture and launched ideas in the construction market.

The contemporary look is also often explored in luxury constructions, both outside and inside the property. The style is known for its modern lines, bold features, which break with the classic that prevailed in architecture and decoration for so many years.

O interior design in luxury homes demonstrates empathy with what is most advanced in terms of furniture, decoration accessories and coverings. The properties are large and in some cases benefit from the integration of environments. Rooms such as suites, living room, dining room, kitchen, spacious bathrooms, entrance hall and hallways value modern trends and demonstrate luxury with the decoration.

The interior of a luxury home can have a High Tech decoration, that is, highly modern and with the latest technology. The sustainable look has also been present in some mansions, but there are still few properties that combine luxury and sustainability.

The luxury house is decorated with modern furniture and appliances that have smart functions. Furniture with a planned structure helps to give more personality to the rooms, such as custom-made curtains, glass and wood finishes. Most mansions bet on clean decor, repudiating excessive ornaments for a more minimalist perspective.

Luxurious and Chic Homes - Photos inside and out

Decor draws attention in mansions around the world. (Photo: reproduction)

THE mansion decoration modern still proposes new rooms inside the house, such as the gourmet space. The environment is the result of the integration between the kitchen, the balcony and even the living room. The area has a central island with built-in stoves, barbecue and a structure carefully planned to be welcoming, modern and cozy.

Found on beaches or in urban areas, luxury houses attract the eyes of all people. Among the properties that exhibit sophistication on the inside, The Manor located in Los Angeles appears as the most expensive and luxurious in the world. The property belongs to the widow of film producer Aaron Spelling.

The Manor occupies 4.7 hectares of the Halmby Hills neighborhood and has a gigantic structure, consisting of 1000 rooms. The house presents sophistication inside, with expensive, modern furniture compatible with the luxury of Los Angeles. The property costs the equivalent of $150 million.

At luxury home pictures impress, especially when it comes to North American, English and French mansions. Some mansions manage to maintain sophistication and refinement through retro decoration, that is, they recover elements that were successful in past decades and are capable of illustrating the house in an authentic, nostalgic way. The sophistication of the residences does not stop there, they also feature indoor pools, hot tubs, a bowling alley, gym, saunas, cellars, movie theaters, gardens, among other environments.

Check out a gallery of luxury home interior photos to know a little about the decoration of these refined environments:

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