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Luxens sealers

For those who have plans to build or renovate, you must always keep in mind that it is important to use quality material. There is no point in trying to save too much on what is really essential, it is important that it is reliable, as the savings can be more expensive than you think, so from the structure to the finish, you have to think about everything step by step.

And how about, in the midst of these preparations, already thinking about what will be used when things are almost ready? Do you know what a wall sealer is for, for example?

The Luxens brand presents several products (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

What is a sealer?

The wall sealer is an acrylic base used by painters in civil construction, serving to seal surfaces of plaster walls, plaster, spackling putty, acrylic putty, concrete fiber cement, brick masonry and other surfaces. It serves to seal the wall and fill the pores of the surface, facilitating plastering and painting, saving on spackling and paint.

It is also important not to confuse the products: wall sealer is different from wood sealer. Each product has its purpose.

roller with sealer

Applying sealer to walls

Luxens sealers:

There is no shortage of material options on the market with different brands, and one of these is Luxens. This is a line of paints created by Leroy Merlin, a brand already known in Europe, but adapted to the Brazilian way – being fully developed in Brazil and with great concern with regard to environmental impact and also sustainability, with the use of materials non-aggressive and also taking care of the destination of residues in an adequate way and without harming nature.

The line consists initially of 4 products:

– Premium Acrylic Paint (various colors);
– Pasta PVA;
– Acrylic Running Putty;
– Acrylic Sealer.


The painting is much prettier after the sealer (Photo: Disclosure)

Some information on how to use:

According to the Leroy Merlin website, this product dries quickly and can be used indoors and outdoors. It is recommended to use it diluted in water, with a low wool roller. As for cleaning the tools, they can also be cleaned with water. Instructions for use are described on the label, so be careful before doing any mixing to avoid material loss due to misuse.

At the Leroy Merlin store you will find all Luxens products (Photo: Disclosure)

Where to buy Luxens Acrylic Sealers?

Luxens products can be found in Leroy Merlin stores. According to the website, you can find acrylic sealers in 3.6 liter or 18 liter packages. The site does not offer the possibility to shop online, but it can lend a hand to those who are searching: for those interested in knowing prices, it is possible to make a shopping list and request an online quote with Leroy Merlin prices. near you by address http://www.leroymerlin.com.br/ , the user must be registered. If you do not have this registration, it is possible to do so without further complications. The quote response time is 24 hours, which saves you time for something as important as the survey.

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