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Lupillo Rivera’s mother-in-law explodes and makes discriminatory comments against Mayeli Alonso | VIDEO

Lupillo Rivera He is back in the spotlight, and this time he was again linked to his ex-partner, mayeli alonso.

This after his ex-wife Mayeli Alonso spoke for the first time about the real reasons that led them to divorce.

Now the current mother-in-law of the “Toro del corrido” was the one who gave the note after this woman joined the businesswoman’s live broadcast.

Giselle’s mother, Lupillo Rivera’s current partner, entered Mayeli’s broadcast with the purpose of denigrating and attacking her, since from the beginning she began insulting her and the products she sells.

This would not be something new Lupillo Rivera revealed on his social networks that for several months his current partner asked his mother to stop attacking Mayeli but apparently he ignored them.

After several minutes, the conversation between Mayeli Alonso and Lupillo Rivera’s mother-in-law began to level up.

And it is that the mother of the singer’s girlfriend assures that Mayeli was jealous of her daughter because she was happy with “El Toro del corrido”, something that the businesswoman did not achieve.

The insults and threats were getting stronger, even on occasion the mother of Giselle Soto, current sentimental partner of Lupillo Rivera she assured that she is a nurse and if Mayeli were to fall into the hospital she would not help her and would let the worst happen to her.

As expected, Mayeli was not intimidated by the insults and threats from the mother-in-law of her children’s father, so she also responded to the insults with some rudeness.

However, Lupillo Rivera’s mother-in-law was not satisfied with everything she had told Mayeli and the woman who was allegedly born in the United States, as she assured it live.

He asked the ex-wife of the “Toro del corrido” to return to Mexico with the Tarahumara Indians, this as an expression of disqualification and racismHe even spoke in English assuring that no one would understand him.

“Go back to Mexico (return to Mexico), no wonder nobody supports you. Bye b*tch (goodbye, but…), wet. Go with the Tarahumara Indians, I am from here, learn the language or better get out of here”

Lupillo Rivera responds to his mother-in-law’s controversy

Very early and through a live broadcast from his social networks, Lupillo from bed assured that his publicist had woken him up so that he could clarify the situation, so the singer did not hesitate to do so.

Also, Lupillo assured that he does not defend his mother-in-law because the comments she made are very wrong and made it clear that he is very proud of his Mexican roots. and asked his audience not to doubt that for a second.

“The net is wrong in that fart, the lady is not right, she should not have said that, because both me and Giselle and I have worked throughout all of Mexico … you can have no doubt about how proud I am to be Mexican . I don’t know if the lady got angry or she said so, the few times I’ve seen her, I’ve never seen that side of her, but I’m not here to defend her.”

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