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Lupillo Rivera issues a statement and apologizes to Mayeli Alonso and her children

Giselle Soto and Lupillo Rivera at the 2022 Radio Awards in Mexico.

Photo: Victor Chavez. /Getty Images

After mayeli alonso go up to his live from Instagram to his ex’s mother-in-law Lupillo Rivera that is, Giselle Soto’s mother, and a tangana between the two was set up where insults were the order of the day, “El Toro del Corrido” issued a statement in which he apologized to his children and his ex-wife.

Initially, Lupillo Rivera made a live also saying that he could not defend his girlfriend’s mother for the insults issued to the reality TV star Rica Famosa Latina and The House of Famous 2, mayeli alonso, alleging that he also had no way to defend his ex-wife much. He now he decided to back off and issue a statement in which he clearly apologizes to her, as well as to the two children she has with she.

I want to apologize to my children and to the mother of my children Since many times what is said or thought is out of context…. I admit that the comments of my partner’s mother were out of place. I have no involvement in this, however, I reiterate my apology because as I have mentioned, it affects my children and their mother… I take this opportunity to inform you that today I am only committed to my career”, is part of the statement that Lupillo Rivera published on his social networks about the lawsuit between Mayeli and Giselle’s mother.

Of course, many fans went out of their way to support him and say that this is what “a gentleman” does. He also raised alarms with that last clarification. What does it mean lupilillo that he is committed only to his career? Is he no longer in relationship with Giselle Sotowell, it is not known.

For his part, Giselle Sotowho already has time with lupilillo made a live also saying that the relationship with her mother has always been unstable and that she has no responsibility for what she thinks. She also said that she admired mayeli for how luchona she has been with life, assuring that this was a reason for admiration for her. However, she referred to the entire situation as regrettable.

Finally, he closed by saying: “I am the one with that crown”, while assuring that Lupillo Rivera he respects and loves her, as well as the children of the singer of regional mexican with mayeli alonso.

The latter published a video of her sexiest photos and made reference to the insult of “India Tamahara” that her ex-husband’s mother-in-law gave her. Without a doubt, the year 2023 started with a good fight between this family of celebrities.

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