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Lupillo Rivera breaks down in tears on stage when he remembers his sister, Jenni Rivera, while singing | VIDEO

The death of Jenni Rivera continues to generate pain both in his followers and in his family, as is the case with his brother Lupillo Rivera. Who, ten years after the tragedy that broke his heart, continues to cry for the “Diva de la Banda”.

Through a video that Lupillo Rivera himself uploaded to his official TikTok account, it can be seen when the “Toro del corrido” performs the song “Suffering Alone” for the public, an emblematic piece in the voice of Jenni, the song reached his heart and memories so much that with everything and the mixed emotions he delighted the people who appreciated his show.

“Did the feeling win me over and what does it have???… men also cry”wrote Lupillo Rivera on the social network.

The comments on the publication began to be filled with expressions of affection for the artist, many of them expressed support for the singer.

In the same way for the whole family that has not yet overcome the departure of the group star, while others made comparisons between the brothers and the way in which they denote the pain that Rivera’s departure causes them.

How did Jenni Rivera die?

On December 9, 2012, the Mexican music industry changed, one of the most important exponents of the field lost her life in a plane crash.

The newscasts monopolized the audience with the information in which they announced the tragedy, which to date some refuse to believe and assure that Jenni Rivera is alive.

After what was her last concert at the Arena Monterrey, Jenni was heading with her team to the city of Toluca, but minutes after taking off, communication was lost with the radars of the Lear Jet 25, with registration N345MC, which collapsed on the Sierra Madre Oriental in the municipality of Iturbide, in Nuevo León.

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