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Luminaires and chandeliers on sale

Luminaires and chandeliers on sale – In a well-produced decoration, your home must be well lit, so the colors of the walls and the arrangement of the furniture in the room directly interfere in the final result of the lighting. These details make it possible to make better use of sunlight and artificial light from lamps and chandeliers, for example.

What this article covers:

The lamp support can and should have a designer that brings charm to the space. The piece works as a home accessory, leaving the residence with elements that demonstrate the personality of its residents. Regarding the amounts paid for these products, there is a democratic variation. With a good search for stores in the segment and even websites, you will find good products at affordable prices.


On the Movstore website the lamps are on sale, are different models ranging from R$150.00 to R$1763. The online store offers from desk models to larger pieces with the power of lighting that extends to the entire room. The colors and designs are varied, it’s up to you to decide which one suits your style best.

The cheapest Movstore item is the Pollux luminaire red, black or white for table, which is 17 cm wide, 30 cm high and 18.5 cm deep. With a rounded layout, the product is small and portable, it is composed of acrylic, in addition to being bivolt. The utensil costs R$ 141.25, which can be paid in up to 6 installments on your credit card. Remembering that the promotion depends on the availability of the store’s stock, it can be taken down at any time and, in addition, the store is not responsible for the assembly.

The most expensive item in the online store is the T039 White luminaire, which is 40 cm wide, 248 cm high and 180 cm deep. The designer luminaire, which has a bold, is excellent for lighting larger environments. Aluminum is the predominant material in the product, which is bivolt and must be placed on the floor or on small corner tables. This piece costs R$1,502.50 or in 6 installments of R$250.42 without interest or in up to 12 equal installments.


The chandelier is also an important accessory for your home, which should be chosen carefully so as not to overwhelm the environment. On the Shopping dos Lustres website, more than 20 pieces are on sale. Prices range from R$284.00 to R$6,270.

The cheapest part of the Shopping dos Lustres online store is the 3 Arm Spiral Chandelier, which costs R$ 284.00, which can be paid in up to 5 installments on your credit card. The chandelier’s predominant material is chrome-plated brass and beveled glass. Remembering that the promotion is valid according to stock availability, in addition to having no set date to go off the air.

The most expensive product at Shopping de Lustre is the Silver Chandelier with Crystals 16 Arms, which has 16 and 27E bulbs. The value of the lamp is not the most expensive by chance, as the name of the product says, it is composed of crystals and chrome silver.

The piece, which measures approximately 1250MM X 1000MM, costs R$ 6,270.00. Payment can be made in up to 6 installments by credit card. Because of the material it is composed of, the item has a splendid lighting power, in addition to a modern design that is both charming and chic.

The values ​​are merely informative, and may change according to the criteria of the mentioned stores, so search other places for chandeliers and lighting options that are within your budget, in addition to adapting to the space available in your residence. see more pictures of chandeliers and lamps in our gallery.

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