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Lukscolor Color Catalog | Complete Color Palette

Being one of the best paints on the market, Lukscolor offers a complete line for your home. Through the site you can see the complete Lukscolor Color Catalog and also do a simulation of the environment. When building or renovating your home, it’s important to find a brand of paint that has quality, tradition and still cares about your family’s health.

One of the best paint brands in the Brazilian market, Luckscolor, maintains a tradition in high quality paints, in addition to being concerned with the health of its family, being the first paint brand in the country to launch a product for indoor areas with a soft perfume.

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Lukscolor Color Catalog

With a tradition of more than twenty years in the paint market, lukscolor was the first company in the paint industry to stamp the “always top quality products” stamp on all its packaging, producing high-performance paints from the beginning to enhance decoration and attract consumers, seeking to build ever more customer loyalty.

Without neglecting to care for the health of its consumers, the company was also the first to abolish the strong and allergenic smell of its products, creating scented and anti-allergic paints, ideal to be used inside homes without having to remove the residents to paint. In addition to caring for the family, Lukscolor was the first company to launch a color display with suggestions for combinations, so as not to make a mistake when combining colors in the same room.

LuksColor Color Palette

lukscolor color palette

On its website, the paint company Lukscolor presents a variety of services for knowing and matching colors. For that, just access access all color-related services.

In addition to access the Lukscolor online color catalogyou still access tips on color combinations, a simulation system, to predict how each color will look on your walls and learn to choose the right colors for each environment and also have current trends and palettes.

There are many quality services to help you choose the color that best matches the climate and decor of your home.

At color cards are available on the aforementioned website, and you can access them by clicking on the desired option. You can also view the yield and drying estimate for each of the products, so there’s no mistake when buying, you can calculate the exact amount of paint you’re going to use before you even leave home.

LuksColor Paint Simulator

With all this help, it’s impossible to make a mistake in decorating, isn’t it? Go to the company’s website and browse, learn and discover which color best suits you and your home. You will not regret.

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