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Luís Simões bets on sustainable logistics with two Gigaliners

Reducing the environmental impact of logistics activity is the basis for this investment by Luís Simões.

THE Luís Simõesa leading logistics operator in the Iberian Peninsula, has reinforced its fleet with the acquisition of two new gigaliners.

The investment is part of the company’s commitment to promoting a more sustainable logistics future, as these vehicles allow transporting a greater volume of cargo using fewer resources, which considerably reduces the environmental impact of operations.

This transport model has allowed Luís Simões to reduce the emission of polluting gases by up to 25% per ton transported. The company was a pioneer in its sustained use in Iberia, having acquired the first gigaliners in 2014.

Since then, it has been expanding its fleet, which now has 17 units, and generalizing its use, with the aim of promoting an efficient and more environmentally responsible logistics solution.

north-south connection

These new vehicles will connect the logistics centers of Luís Simões in the Porto and Lisbon regions 24 hours a day, and are assigned to the service of distributing food products and other goods. The new vehicles are expected to cover more than a million kilometres.

The units have a total length of 25.25 meters and consist of a traction unit, a connecting trailer and a semi-trailer.

The loading surface is arranged in two heights, which makes it possible to optimize the use of all the space. In addition, the connecting trailer and the semi-trailer of one of the units have a temperature-controlled system, guaranteeing the cold chain during transport. In total, each of these vehicles can carry a load of 38 tons and 102 Euro pallets.

The use of these two gigaliners replaces three conventional sets of tractor head and semi-trailer, which translates into greater efficiency and a reduction in emissions and wear and tear on the roads.

A gigaliner is an interesting logistical option for many customers and services. First, because it allows reducing the number of trips, as it has a much higher load capacity, also increasing the efficiency of the operation. Then, because it helps them meet their sustainability goals,” explains José Luís Lourenço, Distribution Director for Luís Simões for Portugal.

For the person in charge, “working in the logistics sector requires being at the forefront of change. The needs of society and, in parallel, of our customers, are in continuous transformation”.

“There is widespread interest in promoting a more environmentally responsible model, and technology is the key to achieving this. At Luís Simões, we are strongly committed to innovation, with the aim of remaining active builders of the future of logistics.”, he concluded.

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