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Luis Miguel reappears thinner and worries his fans about his health

The years go by and the name of louis migueHe continues to generate furor, controversy and now… concern.

“El Sol de México”, which stood out in the 80s and 90s of the last century with multiple musical hits such as “Entrégate” or “La incondicional”, has always had a life linked to the enigma, with sporadic appearances and messages that lend themselves to different interpretations.

In his new appearance, through a photograph, the topic that sparks the conversation is his physical condition, since he looks skinny.

The criticism of Luis Miguel in appearances that he had in past years hovered precisely in the opposite direction.

Well, he was accused of being overweight. He had even declared on the Spanish program ‘El Hormiguero’ that obesity was a disease and that he was doing something about it.

Now that image was published where he looks quite thin, but he has not expressed any position in this regard to find out if he may have any health problem or did it voluntarily to improve his physical condition and take care of his health and quality of life.

Luis Miguel, as has been shown in recent series about him, is a specialist in playing with enigma and doubt.

That is why he has managed to maintain his followers over the years and be considered one of the most successful singers in the history of music in Spanish, even an idol of Mexican music despite the fact that, as was discovered years after to have risen to fame, was not born in Mexican territory.

Precisely the series that have come out on different streaming platforms are the ones that have managed to decipher something of the personality of Luis Miguel.

And remember his image and his music to the new generations. In the midst of this panorama, it is said that the artist was able to undergo a food plan to improve his appearance and thanks to that he lost around 20 kilos.

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