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Luis Miguel demands that the magazine deny the alleged arrest warrant in Mexico

just last week, The Spanish magazine “Diez Minutos” published that Luis Miguel had an arrest warrant in Mexico, for a claim for alimony from the mother of his children, Aracely Arámbula.

However, during the broadcast this Tuesday, The “Ventaneando” program presented a document where “El Sol” asked the publication to deny that information, through its lawyerswith the intention of protecting the privacy of their little ones.

Although in Mexico, the alleged arrest warrant had already been clarified by Aracely Arámbula’s lawyer, William PousThe same did not happen in Spain.

Luis Miguel’s lawyers assure that the publication causes him serious prejudices

In the document presented by the Mexican program “Ventaneando”, it can be read that the letter sent by Luis Miguel’s legal team to the magazine “Diez Minutos” demands respect for the singer’s image, honor and privacy.

“The sending of this letter is to require you to respect the image, honor and privacy of our client. Consequently, our client is fully entitled to exercise the right of rectification…”, says the statement.

“The publication has caused and is causing serious damage, both in the personal and professional life of our client, in addition to having been widely disseminated in different media…”, the document adds.

The letter also proposes that the singer stop deceiving his readers and asks that the private life of his children be protected.

“Consequently, it is fully legitimized to require them to stop their actions and deceit readers, for the sake of protecting their interests, as well as that of their minor children to whom they also allude,” says the letter.

Fortunately, the request was already complied with by the magazine “Diez Minutos” and they published in its digital version, the denial of his note, on the request of the singer and his legal team.

“We have received a communication from the legal representatives of Luis Miguel that, in accordance with the right of rectification, we proceed to publish. It is not true that there is an arrest warrant for Luis Miguel. Regarding the news published by “Diez Minutos” on March 8, 2023, Luis Miguel affirms [a través de sus representantes legales] that in no case does an arrest warrant weigh on his person, much less related to the support of his children, ”the publication clarified.

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