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Luis Miguel could have paid the pension debt for his children with Aracely Arámbula

A little over four years ago Luis Miguel Y Aracely Arambula They had an intense legal battle in which the actress demanded the singer pay a million-dollar alimony for Miguel and Daniel, the two children they had during their media relationship.

However, everything seems to indicate that this controversy would have come to an end because according to different reports, “El Sol” finally gave in and ended up settling his million-dollar debt.

According to host Jorge Carbajal, the actress originally from Chihuahua requested a monthly amount of 25 thousand dollars for each minor.

Therefore, if retroactive payments corresponding to recent years are taken into account, the interpreter of “La incondicional” should have paid more than 40 million pesos, however, said data has not been confirmed by any of the parties involved. so they are only estimates.

On the other hand, what was confirmed is that “El Sol” is already free of debt, since his friend and financial advisor, Carlos Bremer, confirmed that Luis Miguel is cleaning up his accounts and his life in general to be able to restart his career and start a new tour in 2023 to retake his place of honor at the top of the entertainment industry.

“He can have a thousand fights, a thousand problems, but when he grabs the microphone he is the best in Latin America and he is a hero of Mexico. Luismi, he paid absolutely everything he owed, from the lawsuit with Alejandro Fernández to the transit permit for his car” were the words of Carlos Bremer for the “TVyNovelas” portal.

Until now, Aracely Arámbula has not made any statement in this regard and although she would like financial supportA few years ago, the actress herself commented that she would like “El Sol” to be in charge of keeping the bond with her children strong because she fears that the fact that her children do not have a close father figure could affect their personality in the future. .

In addition to financial advice, Carlos Bremer has been in charge of forming an entire team to make Luis Miguel’s career resurface and among these supports for the singer there are psychologists, motivational advisors.

As well as specialists in yoga and Pilates, it was also revealed that they have forced the singer to change certain habits in his life because now he is prohibited from wasting money for what he has had to do without various luxuries that were in his life.

According to the renowned businessman, These drastic changes in Luis Miguel’s life are necessary to take the pressure off him and help him find the happiness and tranquility that he so lacks in his life in order to restart his career in 2023.as has been rumored in recent months.

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