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Luis Miguel celebrates the triumph of the Argentine National Team as the new World Champion | VIDEO

For several years the version circulated that Luis Miguel had squandered most of his fortune.

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the private life of Luis Miguel It is full of mysteries and this has increased due to the fact that he has been away from the stage for some years, although he occasionally resumes his social networks, generating great expectations among his fans.

This time he shared a video with which he celebrated Argentina’s triumph in the Qatar 2022 World Cup and accompanied it with one of his melodies.

The singer, 52, has been caught on a few occasions by the paparazzi since he was absent from the spotlight, but the “Luis Miguel, the series” project on Netflix brought it back to conquer the new generations.

And cause a stir in the world of entertainment with the revelations that were made through the plot, including things related to his romances, family, his mother and his eldest daughter, Michelle Salas.

This time “El Sol” moved away from the controversy and joined the celebrities who celebrated Argentina’s victory in the World Cup in Qatar, For this, he shared a video in his Instagram stories in which you can see the flag of that country waving and in the background the melody of “The day you love me” is heard.

On December 18, the Albiceleste gave Argentina their third World Cup after an intense match against France.

The previous triumph occurred in 1986 in Mexico where soccer star Diego Armando Maradona lifted the cup at the Azteca Stadium. This sporting event of international importance marked the farewell for Lionel Messi, who was praised for his performance on the field.

Luis Miguel settles debt with Aracely Arámbula

One of the great romances of the interpreter of “La incondicional” was Aracely Arámbula, one of the few celebrities with whom he was seen in the spotlight.

They were together for four years and during this time they welcomed their sons, Miguel and Daniel Gallego who are currently 15 and 14 years old, respectively.

On more than one occasion “La Chule”, As the actress is known, she has mentioned that Luis Miguel has no contact with his children and did not take care of them financiallyfor which she has brought them forward on her own.

Although he also mentioned that he would start a legal process so that the singer would pay him what corresponds to the maintenance.

According to the businessman, Carlos Bremen, who has a close friendship with Luis Miguel, the composer would have already paid off the debt he had in this regard with Aracely Arámbula and paid him 50 million pesos for the support of his children. This with the intention that the singer also not continue with the lawsuit against her.

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