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Luis de Llano is not affected by Sasha Sokol’s complaint and has a new project on the horizon

Despite the claim that Sasha Sokol interposed against Louis de Llano in 2022, for alleged sexual abuse during his adolescence, it seems that in this 2023 it does not affect him, since the panorama has been clarified for the producer, who is preparing his return to work.

was the journalist alex kaffie, who announced the news in his column “Sin Flattery” that is published in the newspaper “El Heraldo de México”. There, the communicator explained that the famous will return to television, after “Esperanza del corazón”, the last executive production of him in a soap opera.

“I find out that Luis de Llano Macedo has begun to call up the actresses and actors that he considers suitable for the youth series that he will produce soon“Wrote the also presenter in the aforementioned newspaper.

“The reviled producer is getting ready to reactivate his career, since he has not produced soap operas since 2012 and in 2018 he produced his last television program,” the journalist added in his column.

According to the communicator, Luis de Llano will return as a producer of a youth series and the complaint by Sasha Sokol would no longer affect him in the workplace, as it did in 2022 when several doors were closed.

Sasha Sökol asks for respect in her abuse case

Once the actor Javier Díaz Dueñas recently assured that Sasha Sokol would have become pregnant by producer Luis de Llano and lost the babythe singer described that statement as “irresponsible”.

Through her personal Twitter account, the exTimbiriche asked for seriousness and “raise the level of conversation” on issues of sexual abuse, such as the one she denounced against Luis de Llano.

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