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Luis Chávez attacked Mexican soccer and started a new comparison with MLS

Luis Chávez is one of the leaders of Almada’s group.

Photo: Eloisa Sanchez / Imago7

In the midst of the sports failure of the Mexican National Team in the World Cup in Qatar 2022Luis Chávez showed some brushstrokes of his quality. The Pachuca footballer was one of the highest points in the El Tri squad. But this did not allow him to go to Europe. The young player of the Tuzos He blames Liga MX for the development of the Aztecs in European football.

Luis Chávez was on the radar of several European teams in the transfer market. But the young midfielder couldn’t make any of his starts and ended up staying in Aztec football. After several weeks, Chávez gave clues about his obstacles when it came to going to the Old Continent.

We see the MLS that almost gave away its players to Europe as long as they have more prominence in their selection. You look at them now and you realize that almost all of their team are players in Europe, I think we could copy that a bit, leaving aside some of the business“, indicated the Mexican in an interview with Fox Sports.

Money “ties” Mexicans in their country

Aztec football maintains a high level due to the quality of its players. Liga MX can retain its players thanks to the high amounts of money that they manage to pay their players. Despite the fact that Luis Chávez earns much more money in Mexico than in Europe, The Pachuca player admitted that his goal is still the Old Continent.

“LMexicans don’t want to move from here because they offer you a lot of moneyWith those contracts you solve your life. I already knew what decision I was going to make and it’s not because it’s Rayados, Chivas or whatever. Economically I would do better (in Liga MX)but I’m not prioritizing that, I’m looking for something soccer that I got closer to the National Team and European footballThat is why I preferred to stay in Pachuca”, he concluded.

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