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Lucía Méndez assures that her social networks were hacked and says that she is looking for a solution

Lucía Méndez complied with her warning and asked for protection

Photo: Lucia Mendez/Getty Images

In the eye of the hurricane it continues to be Lucia Mendez after he requested protection measures against two of his former colleagues from the reality show Siempre Reinas.

Those companions are Sylvia Pasquel and Laura Zapatawith which he fulfilled his promise that he had made in days gone by.

On this occasion, Méndez denounced that according to what he was the victim of a cyber attack, someone hacked into his social networks and used them to attack his fans.

In his own Twitter account where Méndez said that last year he ended it in a strange way, since he had lost control of his accounts.

“On the 31st of December They hacked my social networks where they wrote hate messages against my fans. In advance I want to clarify that I would never offend anyone, much less my dear Luwers, ”she wrote in the first instance.

“We’re taking security measures against this incident that only sought to affect me and my fan community. I’m not looking for guilty, just solutions to such a serious problem. I thank you in advance for your understanding and never doubt my affection, but above all respect, that respect I have for the people who have made me grow throughout my career.”

mendez reported that both she and her team were investigating to find those responsible and recover their accounts.

The reactions of Méndez’s fans came just at the moment to defend the singer, who has had hits like “Corazón de piedra. It’s over or A soul in pain “.

“You are a brilliant star, educated, respectful and very hard-working, big hug friend”. “We love you, Lucia, and we want to see you in more projects.” “What generates success and all the years of a clean career you have, but you people, your fans, we know who you are and you have all our unconditional love and support.” “Gnefarious entity that has nothing else to do They had to scrub Méndez out of envy… But their little theater was ruined… Lucía Méndez is a great Lady and incapable of offending her fans”, are some of the mentions.

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