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Lucero is proud of the artistic growth of her daughter Lucerito Mijares

Lucerito Mijares has become an additional reason to attend the presentations of his parents Lucero Hogaza León and José Manuel Mijares Morán, since the freshness of his voice gives each show a plus.

Although it is true that Lucerito’s presentation took place through some streamings that his parents broadcast during the Covid-19 pandemic, from then on Her progress in acting is notorious, as she is seen more and more confident and loose on stage with live audiences.

This way, The first to praise the 17-year-old singer is her mother Lucero, who also recognizes the contact established with her fans through the magic of social networks.

“With her networks, she is creating a community of fans and people who fill her with compliments and many young people who follow her and say beautiful things to her”expressed in an interview with the newspaper The universal.

Likewise, the woman who for many years presumed to be declared America’s Sweetheart assures that she feels grateful to the public for the expressions of affection addressed to her daughter.

With Lucerito I see a community that pours out a lot of love for her, a lot of people make us wonderful constant comments: that she sings beautifully, that she is fabulous, that she does have an incredible vibe… and I feel deeply grateful to the public that they give her their love and affection, that they like what she does”, she emphasized.

Despite how good her daughter’s future looks, Lucero maintains that she must go step by step in her desire to consolidate in such a competitive industry.

“Fortunately it is very young, there is no hurry, we have not launched it or anything, but it is receiving a lot of love,” he said.

As part of the projects oriented towards the coming year, Lucero revealed that she and her ex-husband will extend their concert tour until the public’s response dictates it, which implies continuing to see Lucerito Mijares on stage.

“This tour does not end, it will continue during 2023 and if it is possible for many more years it would be very good because we do not have a deadline and we know each other very well,” he concluded.

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