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Low-income families will receive R$ 400 in taxes from the Government of RS

Low-income families will receive aid of R$400 per month in the Rio Grande do Sulto reduce social inequality, as a way to return part of the ICMS tax, through a card provided to these families, where the amount of 400 reais will be released in 4 stages, being a percentage of the total for each quarter .

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Understand why low-income families will receive R$ 400 from the Government of RS

The provision of R$ 400 reais that the government will be making to low-income families will be a way of reducing social inequality, as a means of refunding taxes, that is, it is a way of refunding the amounts spent on ICMS (Income Tax). goods and services), bearing in mind that the benefit is paid annually, that is, it will not be paid every month, but only once a year.

The amount will be delivered through the Citizen Card that has been launched recently, it allows only debit purchases and its value is released in 100 reais each quarter, until reaching a total of 400 reais during each year.

Who is entitled to receive the refund of ICMS

The aid is intended for families that receive less than 2 minimum wages, which represents 99% of similarity with the public of the Bolsa Família, that is, the delivery of the refund of the ICMS is a social aid that aims to reduce inequality through the return of a portion of the tax levied on the poorest households.

In the year 2022, the value of the aid may be even greater for some families, taking into account the number of times the family makes purchases by putting CPF on the note, they may have an increase in aid proportional to the demand.

Being able to inform all beneficiaries can be a challenge, as there are more than 401 thousand families who will be entitled to the benefit, and there is a need to carry out a large-scale communication so that the greatest possible number of families in need pursue their rightful benefits.

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