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Love triumphed! Julián Gil got engaged to Valeria Marín in the middle of the Qatar desert

Tremendous stir caused the Argentine actor Julian Gil after sharing an unexpected carousel of images with which revealed his commitment to the Mexican journalist Valeria Marín. How did the proposal take place? Here we tell you the details.

The announcement of their engagement emerged on an Instagram account accompanied by a tender carousel of images in which the actor of melodramas such as “Por amar sin ley” and “Sortilegio” was seen more in love than ever.

“I love you Valeria”, was the brief message with which Julián Gil accompanied the tender selfie in which they both kiss while the Mexican shows the ring. In the second, Valeria Marín’s hand appears with the brand new engagement ring that she received.

Other details that were captured through its publication were the place where the romantic moment took place, as well as the companions who witnessed it in the front row. And it is that the famous actor took advantage of his trip to Qatar to take the next step in their relationship, in addition, his children Nicolle and Julián Jr. were present.

For her part, the sports journalist also spoke about it from her profile on Instagram. Over there He posted other unpublished photographs of the exact moment in which he became engaged to Gil and melted his fans with the tender words he dedicated to him.

“You, my best SELECTION!” It was the brief, but forceful message that the young woman wrote to her lover. However, he also took the time to thank those who made this surprise possible.

It should be noted that the news resonated within the platform and several celebrities joined the wave of congratulations that came their way. Such was the case of the actress Gaby Spino, who wrote “Que belllooosss! May they continue to be very happy forever”, while Tania Rincón assured that “They deserve everything good! Congratulations”.

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