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Love and Thunder’ makes Darryl’s shorts canon in the MCU • ENTER.CO

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Thor Love and Thunder has a surprising number of references to the MCU. Some are quite obvious, such as the court of the gods or Thor’s goats, while others are a bit more subtle. Our favorite is Darryl’s first appearance on the big screen.

A good portion of Thor: Love and Thunder takes place in New Asgard. We already knew the town, after Avengers: Endgame revealed to us that this place had been built on the same coast where Odin said goodbye to Thor and Loki, with the surviving Asgardians taking the land as a new home.

The new film presents us with a tour of the city. The person in charge talks about the Mjolnir pieces left on the ground (immovable, due to the magic persisting) and we later see him as one of the attendants under Valkyrie’s command. And, although a good part of the public may not know who it is, it is actually one of the most brilliant cameos in MCI.

Darryl: Thor’s roommate

Among those things from the MCU that are canon, but that you probably haven’t seen, is a series of shorts called Team Thor that were originally included on the Marvel DVDs. It is a trilogy of shorts consisting of Team Thor, Team Thor: Part 2, and Team Darryl. The first two show the character on earth during the events of ‘Avengers: Civil War’ and as a fake documentary they tell Thor’s life living with a human named Darryl (in addition to trying to explain the absence of the God of Thunder events like Civil War ).

Well, Darryl (played by Daley Pearson in the MCU) apparently decided to move to New Asgard after the events of Endgame and now lives as one of the town’s tour guides. Again, then we see him again when they meet up after Gorr’s attack and to confirm that we are dealing with the same person, Valkyrie refers to him as Darryl

In case you’ve never seen the choirs we’ve mentioned, all three are available on Disney+.

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