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Lourdes Stephen’s son gives tender house tour of his bedroom and bathroom decorated for Christmas

The small michael victorwho is the son of Lourdes Stephen and is only 6 years old, is overjoyed at the upcoming arrival of Christmas and he demonstrated it with the beautiful decoration of his bedroom and bathroom.

In a video, shared by his own mother on Instagram and set to music with the theme All I Want for Christmas is You, the little boy very excitedly gave us a tour of those two spaces in his sweet home.

“#Christmas has arrived in the room – and even the bathroom – of #MichaelVictor 🎄🎅❤️”, reads the text written by a Dominican journalist and presenter.

His bedroom door was lined with a huge Santa Claus with the legend ‘Merry Christmas’, while his bed, which is shaped like a wooden house, already has bedding with the image of Santa Claus and he put, in the highest part, two huge spheres in red and white.

On their nightstands he put a small tree decorated with red elements and a sign with the legend ‘North Pole’.

Next he showed his bathroom in which he put Santa Claus himself from the access door and from his bedding. Santa is present on his shower curtain, his toilet seat and bath mats, while his soap dispenser is a snowman.

The decoration and the great emotion with which Michael Victor showed off his bedroom did not go unnoticed by his mother’s fans and various celebrities, who showered him with congratulations.

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