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Lottery Curse: 5 Winners Whose Luck Became Their Downfall

Lottery winners who have seen their luck turn to doom are said to be victims of the so-called lottery curse.. Although losing everything can be a consequence of poor management of your resources, there are factors outside of them that played against you and that could well be attributed to negative forces.

Divorce, death, bankruptcy and loneliness are some of the consequences of being cursed. The millions of dollars, far from making them happy and prosperous, led them into a downward spiral of misfortune. in other aspects of your life. And here they say that they would have preferred to get rid of the winning ticket and continue with their lives as before.

Learn about the stories of 5 winners who were cursed by the lottery.

Andrew “Jack” Whittaker wins $113 million

On Christmas morning in 2002, he woke up to the news of winning $113 million, the largest Powerball prize ever awarded at the time. While some of that money went to charity such as donations to foundations and churches, that didn’t stop him from being hit by the lottery curse.

By becoming a famous person in his locality, many tried to make his millions. One night half a million was stolen from his car while he was at a nightclub and his company was sued for millions in fees. His stress led him to immerse himself in alcohol and women, a situation that deteriorated his marriage of 14 years, as he reviewed in an article on the Live About site.

But the worst was yet to come. In a house owned by her, the boyfriend of her granddaughter died of an overdose and a year later her granddaughter also died under suspicious circumstances; 7 years later his daughter also died and to end the tragic picture his wife asked for a divorce.

Curtis Sharp, winner of $5 million dollars

In 1982, dishwasher Curtis Sharp won $5 million in the lottery. He spent his money on parties, women, new houses and fancy cars for which he became one of the best-known winners of the time.

A year after winning the award, he divorced his wife and married his mistress in a grand wedding; 5 years later he got divorced again. He began to drink heavily and spend more than his paychecks could cover, so the money slipped out of his hands and he even had to borrow from his first wife.

Image of a screen showing a hand selecting a lottery game.
The curse of the lottery has hit many winners. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

William Post, winner of $16.2 million dollars

William Post pawned his few possessions to get $40 to spend on lottery tickets. To his fortune, he earned $16.2 million dollars, but the amount of money overwhelmed him. He spent $400,000 in just two weeks and after a year he was half a million in debt.. What happened?

His girlfriend sued him because he promised to share the prize if he won. The legal argument came out in favor of her partner and she could not pay him because her lottery money was frozen. He filed for bankruptcy and was only able to get $2.6 million, which she quickly spent. Throughout his short life as a millionaire he had 6 wives and his brother hired a hit man to kill him and inherit the money.

When life put him back where he started, he got into trouble. He was arrested for assault and began living on welfare.

Willie Seeley, winner of $450 million dollars

Willie Seeley formed a group of 15 co-workers to play the lottery. They named themselves the “Oceans 16” and their ticket was one of the 3 winners of $450 million dollars. Then the problems started. The prize was divided into 3 parts and the corresponding part of the group was divided among the 16 members and after taxes, they only received $4 million dollars.

He spent this amount, together with his wife, on vehicles, helping relatives and quitting their jobs. However, they soon realized that the money was not enough to support his comfortable life.

Abraham Shakespeare wins $40 million

In 2006 Abraham Shakespeare was the winner of a prize of $40 million dollars. He was very generous with his money, he helped those who asked him and he was very kind, but that didn’t stop the lottery curse from knocking on his door.

Shakespeare was a person who could not read and had been in jail. Walking with a co-worker he stopped at a store and asked his colleague for a couple of dollars to buy a lottery ticket. He lent them to him and when he found out that he had won the lottery he took him to court arguing that he had stolen the tickets. Abraham Shakespeare won the trial, but it was only a prelude to what was to come next.

He met a person named Dee Dee Moore who said she wanted to write about her experiences and help her manage her money. He agreed, but she started stealing thousands from her bank account and even took over her house. Time after Moore murdered Shakespeare and buried him at her boyfriend’s house.

She tried to hide the crime by making it look like she was still alive by texting on her cell phone and bribing her family to say she was alive, but was later found out and convicted of first-degree murder.

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