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‘Lots of Mischief’: Hot Sports Mom Donna Kelce Talks About Her Kids Ahead of Historic Super Bowl Sibling Showdown

Donna Kelce, wearing an Eagles and Chiefs jersey, hands out cookies to her sons Jason (left) and Travis.

Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

PHOENIX – His name It’s Donna Kelce and all this week she’s become America’s Sports Star Mom. His sons Jason and Travis, two of the best players of recent years in the NFL, will make history on Sunday with the first siblings to meet in a Super Bowl.

She, mom Kelce, is herself a star in the Super Bowl LVII venue with appearances at events, cameras around her and many interviews.

“The best ported?” he said with a grimace when La Opinión asked him which of his children had been the best behaved. “The boys don’t behave, none of them. Many pranks”.

Donna shared what all or almost all mothers know: “Lots of broken glass… You just persevere, because they’re not doing it on purpose, they’re just having fun, that’s why we had them in so many sports, to do it in the field instead of the house.

Jason Kelce has been the center for the Philadelphia Eagles for 12 seasons and has won a Super Bowl. Travis Kelce has 10 seasons as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and also has an NFL championship ring. This year both were designated “All-Pro”, that is, the best in their respective positions. A podcast that they do together has become very popular.

Donna Kelce imagines Super Bowl day

On Sunday, only one of the brothers will be able to win and savor the glory. The other will be proud of his brother, but sad for the defeat. There’s no doubt.

Who will your mom hug first after the game? It’s a matter of logistics, she replied.

Donna Kelce, mother of Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce, who will meet in the Super Bowl.  /Photo: Peter Casey/Getty Images
Donna Kelce, mother of Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce, who will meet in the Super Bowl. /Photo: Peter Casey/Getty Images

“In the Super Bowl, only the winners are allowed on the field. Losers have to go to their room, they have to go,” he explained.

If the Eagles win, she and her husband Ed will head down the field to celebrate with Jason, 35. If the Chiefs are the champions, then the first hug will go to the 33-year-old Travis.

“Basically, I’m going to come down, I’m going to be in a very celebratory spirit with my son, whoever is there receiving the trophy. And then I’ll go to the hotel, where the other team is, and I’ll give him a big hug. [a mi otro hijo] and i will tell him that i really love him, that I know that he gave everything he had and there is nothing that I can say that would make him feel better ”, explained the woman who has earned the sympathy of an entire country with her originality. By the way, she revealed that she will watch the game at the stadium alongside Commissioner Roger Goodell.

“Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to watch the game,” he said of the side of State Farm Stadium where he will be on Sunday.

Letter from a mother and cookies in a legendary week

On the eve of a legendary day for the Kelce family, the proud mom gave Jason and Travis a container of three different types of chocolate chip cookies. Inside there was also a letter written with the heart of a mother. That was Monday on the so-called “Opening Night” of the Super Bowl.

“I know my son Jason never liked them, so maybe he doesn’t know there’s a letter inside, but Travis probably read it… I just told them to leave everything on the court, do your best and then there will be no nothing to regret”, revealed the fashionable mom.

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